ASEAN Defense: UN’s Security Council says what on Thai Cambodia situation?

Blog Note: If one follows the Thai press, like all of them-it is obviously pro-Thai to the maximum-and thus as they say “The truth is the first thing that gets killed in war.”

The conflict has lead to the point that Cambodia asked for UN peace keeping force and Thailand saying the matter is between Thailand and Cambodia.

Then Cambodia wants outside mediation, but Thailand wants bilateral or 2 way talks.

“With mediation, the problem becomes more complex,” said the Thai prime minister, Abhisit. And to top it off, the Thai prime minister, Abhisit, said earlier, quote: “No outside mediation needed.”

With those attitudes, the matter reached the UN’s Security Council-where earlier, UN Secretary General said, quote: “The matter is between Thailand and Cambodia.

But again, the old saying on how the truth dies in war.

Even with pictures of Thai bull-dozers going about making a road in the Thai Cambodian disputed territory that sparked this series of clashes between Thailand and Cambodia-Thailand was able to produce a Cambodian spy who said Cambodia started the attack.

“Thailand has witness to the UN Security Council that Cambodia started the war,” said many Thai press like Thai Rath.

Given the twist and turns and how the truth dies in war-the Thai press, like the True TV-just said this morning-right there after the UN Security Council meet that, quote:  “UN calls for bilateral talks” meaning between Thailand and Cambodia.

But then BBC, a global level media outfit, just reported that the UN Security Council told ASEAN to mediate the Thai and Cambodia talks.

So what is going on?

Is it bilateral like the Thai press says or is it ASEAN mediation being multilateral-like the BBC says?

And what now?

Cambodia said it will not talk bilateral with Thailand and Thailand says it will only talk with Cambodia bilaterally.

And an ASEAN meeting is coming up.

Thai Intel guess it is time for some “Spinning” at the next ASEAN meeting-like it is bilateral talks, but with multilateral mediation-or something like that.

The following is from BBC:

The UN Security Council has urged a permanent ceasefire between Cambodia and Thailand after deadly clashes in their disputed border area this month.

Four days of fighting left eight dead, displaced thousands and caused some damage to the World Heritage-listed Preah Vihear temple.

The council also backed mediation efforts by Asean, the regional grouping of south-east Asian nations.

The council’s president said there was “great concern” over the clashes.

Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti was speaking after after closed-door talks with the foreign ministers of Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Thailand opposes UN mediation, saying it can settled by the two states.

But Cambodia has described itself as being at war with Thailand and has suggested the UN send peacekeepers to the disputed area.

The council, Ms Viotti said, “called on the two sides to display maximum restraint and avoid any action that may aggravate the situation”.

Indonesia, as the current president of Asean, has been leading mediation efforts.

In recent days the guns have fallen quiet, but the situation at the border between the two countries remains extremely tense, the BBC”s Rachel Harvey reports.

The two heavily armed militaries are ranged against each other across a 4.6-sq km (1130 acres) stretch of disputed land