Democracy: Abhisit “Fixing” the next general election?

Blog Note: In what practically every academic, research house and journalist in Thailand calls it-the changes to the Thai Consitution is meant for one thing only-and that is to reduce the power of the E-Sarn and Northern Thailand electorate powers. E-Sarn and Northern Thailand is where the opposition party, Pheu Thai Party is strong-and also where the Red Shirts are strong. The Democrat Party of Abhisit pushed very hard for that change that will in theory, see it gain about 50 MPs-if the last election is hold as the standard.

Of note, is that the Abhisit government was formed inside of a military camp, with the then military boss, Anupong-offering Nevin, that corruption charges under him would be dropped and that his fraction would not be charged with future corruption activity-if he took his fraction and help Abhisit form the government.

Nevin is rated by Thai polls as the most corrupted Thai politician-having faced many corruption charges before joining Abhisit with all of those cases proved not guilty or dropped after he took his fraction to support Abhisit-then after joining Abhisit-countless corruption allegations surfaced against the Nevin fraction-but there have never been one single investigations into anything.

The Abhisit government is now rated more corrupt than Taksin‘s government by the Thais-and in fact, international ranking saw corruption much higher under Abhisit than Taksin and the same ranking saw corruption under Taksin getting less and less-as Taksin’s government continued in power.

Of Note also, is that the Yellow Shirts who destabilized the then government of the Red Shirts out of power, saw the Democrat Party, busing in their voter base to join those destabilizing tactics and in fact, Abhisit and Korn, Thailand’s finance minister-went to those destabilizing occupation to show support.

The leaders of the Yellow Shirt, after years of delay, is just now facing serious charges against those destabilizing “Illegal” activity such as the occupation of the government house and airports.

No charges have been bought against Abhisit and Korn, for their behind the scene support and also of the direct support of those illegal activities-with the airport occupation “A Terrorist” activity by definition of international laws that Thailand is a party of.

The following is from Political Prisoners Thailand:

Jailing opponents, engaging in massive censorship, killing protesters, being backed by the military, judiciary and palace (that banned hundreds of politicians who would oppose the royalists), and getting an already rigged constitution fixed again seems not enough for the Abhisit Vejjajiva-led government as it sets about trying to “prove” its legitimacy by way of the ballot box.

The Bangkok Post reports that the government has decided to “extend the subsidy on diesel until April to keep pump prices below 30 baht a litre, amid criticism from businesses that the move had no purpose other than increasing its popularity with voters.” That’s estimated to be at a cost to taxpayers of  13 billion baht.

Throw that not insubstantial sum in with all of the government’s other schemes such as the 9-10 billion on Pracha Wiwat giveawaysthat are also meant to increase popularity through throwing money at voters and the taxpayer is being saddled with a hefty bill for the Democrat Party’s need to appear legitimate.

Dr Somsak Vivatpanachart of the Thai Chamber of Commerce said: “It’s an obvious effort by the government that aims at political gains…”. Usually the Chamber is a big supporter of this government. Somsak added that “squandering the Oil Fund was tantamount to taking public money to promote waste and prodigality.”

Together with the cost of keeping this coalition together for another election and for seeking defections from the post-Thaksin Shinawatra parties, all of this spending means that we are probably looking at the most expensive election in Thailand’s history.

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