Globalization: Should UN’s Moon go back to “Diplomatic School?

Blog Note: Has the United Nation’s general secretary, Moon, gone insane-to say he will leave the Thai Cambodian conflict for the 2 to resolved?

Like what underlines this whole Thai Cambodian conflict but a re-surging Thai nationalism driven by internal Thai politics-being fanned to the maximum by all Thai media-except for the liberal ones.

Now in Bangkok the talk is of F-16s with Thai military firing artillery at flairs?

So there you go, a rising Thai nationalism gone politicized-that verges out of control-against who? “Yes” it is against a poor little country Cambodia-and on top a Thai historical attitude that the Cambodians are nothing but scum-bags.

Does that sound like a scenario any “Sane” United Nations general secretary should be concern about?

Then on top of it all, the 11th Century Hindu relics of Phra Viharn stands smack in the middle of everything.

Or is it the UN’s Thai head of the human rights body and UNTAD that is getting the eyes and ears of Moon.

Like get this, the Thai prime minister is called “A Lier” by Freedom Against Censorship Thailand. Like practically everyone, friend or foe of the Thai prime minister Abhisit, sees Abhisit as nothing much but “A Lier.”

So Abhisit went calling UN’s Moon up. Guess what, Thai Intel can guarantee anyone-99% of it, except for the 1% for his name given to Moon, is nothing but lies.

LOL…..The following is a babe, that if Moon comes across this report-may consider returning to “Diplomatic School 101″…..But LOL maybe Moon only learned how to use the one eye head at the diplomatic school….LOL

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