ASEAN Defense: Thai Cambodian Border fresh clash “War Mongering” & “Dead Soldiers”

By Stingray, Thai Intel’s national security journalist

The Thai media is reporting on what the Cambodian media are saying-like very frequently, and also, the Cambodians are monitoring what the Thai media are saying and reporting that-like very frequently also.

The Bangkok Post in particular, have been so “Instigative” some Cambodians have set up an internet page to protest the Bangkok Post. That comes after the Bangkok Post, reported in great head-line that the destruction by the Cambodians of a tablet Thailand demanded its removal “Is a Smashing Success” with great big picture of Thai generals standing over that “Smashed Tablet.”

In times of war, there is always casualties-being namely soldiers.

Today, Thai TV went to talk to a Thai family that lost a Thai soldier-a 25 year old son who was to get married soon. There was nothing but tears and sadness. That soldier died in the first series of clash.

Since then, there has been two other clash.

The following is from Bangkok Post, and if one wonders why there is the second and third series of clash-the Bangkok Post article can help explain why-meaning, the Cambodians are watching the news in Bangkok and as sure as anything, the Thais are watching the Cambodian newspapers.

The following from the Bangkok Post, is nothing but “One Insult” after another, that is levied on the Cambodians. But the sad fact is, it is not just the Bangkok Post, but most Thai newspapers ran a similar report to the Bangkok Post-in major headlines-that “Cambodia Lost the War” and were forced to the negotiation table.

Before this series of clash, Thai and Cambodian generals met for a peace talk-and reached a “Cease-Fire.”

What is the summary of all the Thai press, after the second series of clashes?

Again, it is simply that the Cambodian “Lost the War and were forced to the table to negotiate because-again the Cambodians “Lost the War.”

How insulting that is to the Cambodian to read in the Thai press?

Are the Thai press “War Mongering?”

The following is from the Bangkok Post:

Thai government spokesman Panitan Wattanayagorn said they had received an initial report that Cambodian troops had suffered heavy casualties. The claim by a Thai military source of the 64 dead is in sharp contrast to earlier government reports that only two people _ one Thai villager and one Cambodian soldier _ were killed.

The two-hour exchange of gunfire near Si Sa Ket’s Phu Ma Khua area took a heavy toll on the Cambodian Army’s 80th and 81st battalions, said the source. Twelve suspected snipers were among those killed, the source said.

Also damaged on the Cambodian side were six artillery guns, 16 armoured vehicles and four multiple launch rocket systems, said the source. The onslaught almost wiped out the two Cambodian battallions, according to the source.

The Thai army did not start its barrage until Cambodia fired at civilian targets, a violation of the rules of engagement. “We didn’t employ artillery at first, but had no choice when they directed the shelling at civilians,” said the source. According to the source, the Thai army fired several hundreds artillery rounds in response to the Cambodian side’s aggression to protect Thai citizens.

The heavy toll is believed to have prompted Cambodia’s military leaders to call for truce talks late on Friday. Cambodian military officers Lt Gen Srey Doek and Lt Gen Chea Mon led a delegation to negotiate with Second Army commander Thawatchai Samutsakhon and Suranari Task Force commander Chavalit Choonprasarn.

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