Economics: POLITICO says “Americans’ optimism close to 4 year high”

Blog Note: Politico just reported that Americans optimism is at a 4 year high. That is quite, striking, given the persistent high un-employment-with the International Labor Organization saying today that un-employment globally is in a crisis-and the IMF just saying today also that some serious structural improvement in the global financial system still needs to be address.

Obama, the president of the USA is also seeing a rise in his popularity-with many analyst saying they expect USA businesses to start investing their hoard of cash holding sooner or latter-especially with some talk now of even a 3rd liquidity injection.

What has changes all of that?

Well, the assassination attempt of a USA Senator-tore deeply into the Americas heart and soul. There appeared to be no hope as America was drifting towards radicalism with the likes of Fox Network and Palin running wild-and the bi-partisan spirit mostly gone from the political scene.

But as things looked really bad-Obama, then delivered an address to the American people, on the assassination attempt-that is said to have touched the heart of Americans deeply and helping to mend the wound.

There is a lesson there to be learned by the Thai junta who preaches and preaches about reconciliation-but delivers nothing but divisive politics.

The Following is from POLITICO:

By: Jennifer Epstein

January 25, 2011 06:40 AM EST

Americans’ optimism has surged to nearly a four-year high – jumping 14 points in just the last month, a poll released Tuesday suggests.

Forty-three percent of Americans surveyed by CNN/Opinion Research Corporation this weekend said they think things are going well in the country, up from 29 percent in December.

Levels of optimism last exceeded the current mark in April 2007, when 48 percent of Americans said they thought the country was doing well and may be a reflection of the nation’s slightly improved economic picture.

Of those surveyed, five percent said the country is doing very well, while 38 percent said it is doing fairly well. Last month, one percent said the country was doing very well and 28 percent said it was doing fairly well.

As positives have risen, negatives have fallen.

In the new poll, 39 percent of those surveyed said the country is doing pretty badly and another 17 percent said it is doing very badly. In December, those numbers were 45 percent and 26 percent, respectively.

Sentiments on how the country is doing break down along partisan lines.

Among Democrats, 14 percent said the country is doing very well, while another 51 percent said it is doing fairly well. Thirty-five percent of Democrats said the country is doing badly.

Just one percent of Republicans surveyed said the country is doing very well and 24 percent said it is doing fairly well, while 76 percent said it is doing pretty badly or very badly. Independents’ views are middling, with 41 percent saying the country is doing well, while 49 percent said it is doing badly.

Conducted Jan. 21-23, the poll surveyed 1,012 adults. It has a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points.

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