Politics: Would Thai “Political Jism” leads to an “Orgasmic Eruption” of Coup?


  • By Ranger, Thai Intel’s political journalist

Another Coup Threat:

In figuring out about the royalist, elite and military rulers of Thailand-an observer must understand its nature.

Take for instances relating to the military-you got the Thai army region chief on the Cambodian border, suddenly exploding that a sign put up by the Cambodians must be torn down-when the Thais captured for encroaching Cambodian were released-that is one “Jism.”

Take the massive arrest of Thai Muslim in the Deep South, after a military camp was attacked by Muslim Insurgence-then after the arrest, most have been released because they are not connected-that is another “Jism.”

Then after the Thai Navy, coming back fighting the Somalian pirates, that saw a Thai ship seized and Thais taken hostage-greatly embarassed-the Thai Navy said it was a successful operation and will tripple the Thai Navy’s involvement in Somalia-that is another “Jism.”

Then look at the junta government-after saying many thanks and how grateful Thailand is to Cambodia for the release of the those captured Thais-Abhisit, the junta representative-goes on all Thai TV-saying nasty things about Cambodia-that is another “Jism.”

Then again, Abhisit, before he came to power, proudly said the Democrat Party is from Southern Thailand, and within 90 days he will solve the Deep South situation-then after the recent attack by the Muslim Insurgence-said he never promised anything-that is another “Jism.”

Then the leader of a government coalition who is barred from politics, after months of saying he wants this and that formula for the Thai constitutional change-suddenly, realizing the illegality of his involvement-suddenly had one of his rep says the leader is not involved in anything-that is another “Jism.”

Economic wise, it is about the same, with McKinsey, the global research house, got the Thai government to change the way eggs are sold in Thailand, from number to weight-then after much debate, with the government saying this is the best thing to happen in the history of Thai eggs development, the polls says most Thais are against it, and the government-nothing but a big whimper and said give it time-that is another “Jism.”

There is about 10 more “Jism” that Thai Intel can point out-from the “Jism” at the Thai stock market, SMEs, China Trade Center, and others-but Thai Intel does not want to be redundant.

All that “Jism” is off course, coming on top of a Red Shirts that is getting “Stronger and Stronger.” Then the Yellow Shirt, that now hates the government to the maximum, while lost much of its support, since much of the support it had in fact, came from the Democrat party and the military-can never be underestimated-and they are starting to go “Active in Protesting” again.

All of the above are not isolated incidents, off course-and are tied together-where the “Total Impact” on if Thailand will explode into another “Orgasmic Coup” or not, is very difficult to forecast.

In Bangkok, now, practically, everyone now see the Democratic Party, is just the same Democrat Party as always-and that is it is cutting edge in politics-but nothing much more than “Idiots” when it comes to managing and governing the country.

That conclusion, was in fact, reached already weeks ago by the top echelons of the elite rulers of Thailand-please remember again, that Thailand is being ruled by the royalist, elite and military-that is 3 different sectors.

Thus one can conclude that for now, the elite is in favor coup. On the royalist, it is still a split-with some wanting a coup and others do not.

That off course, leaves the Thai military intentions-as the focal point.

Does the Thai military want a coup?

Well, Prayuth, the Thai army chief,  is a “Hot-Head” as everyone knows-but the problem for Prayuth, who is just like itching to stage a coup-is the “Rationale.”

Thai Intel suggest to our readers, is to understand all of the above, and follow the Thai news very closely-the dynamics are simple: “Rational” and” Coup” meaning if our readers start to see that the rationale for a coup can be made-then there will be a coup.

What are the criteria for the “Rationality?”

That, Thai Intel will leave for our readers to do research on-but basically, it is King and Country-over-ride off course the fear of loosing power.

Already, Thai Intel’s soldier friends-are like freaking out by the way Thailand is “Deteriorating.”

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