Human Rights: The “Global Nature” of Thai Human Rights & Justice System

By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

Every junta, in history, has argued that they were special and unique-and thus global norms and behavior do not apply.

Thailand is no different.

The latest news is that the International Court of Justice is coming to Thailand to make an evaluation of the Thai justice system and do a fact funding mission on the death as a result of the crack-down.

The latest news is also that a United Kingdom Human Rights unit, has invited the mother of one of the crack-down victim to testify in the United Kingdom-to which the mother said Thai human rights NGOs tried to stop her from taking the trip.

The latest is that Human Rights Watch is demanding that all parties involved in the death, take responsibility for the deaths-involved in the crack-down.

Over-more, what is occurring in Thailand is being noticed globally-with global units such as Freedom House-rating Thailand, as Semi-Free with a sliding democracy.

Then just about every “Freedom of Expression” units globally-have strongly criticized Thailand’s press-repression. In fact, the Thai junta would call up media-commanding them on Editorial Content.

But why is the globe getting involved with the Thai Human Rights and Justice System?

Thailand is currently in the grips of nationalism, propped-up by a repressed capitalist regime-with the controlling interest being royalism, militarism and elitism. The result is in that the regime is trying to preserve Thailand, after having reverse times back to something of the Auythaya Period with “Absolute Monarchy.”

The royalist, elite and military junta goes as far as saying that Democracy, Liberty and Justice, along with Human Rights are a bore, stressing, as Thanong K, of the junta controlled newspaper the Nation says, “Those values are a bore that Thailand must be protected from.”

Unfortunately, for Thailand, for most of the rest of the globe, time do tick to a different beat-and that is into the future-and not the past.

Being that Thailand is under the junta, with the lack of interest in justice and human rights-the junta feels it can do anything, regardless of what the globe thinks.

That is off course, ridiculous, as about 70% of the Thai economy is globalized, large numbers of Thais seek advance education globally, live abroad and the Thai themselves travel abroad for rest and recreation in significant numbers.

One way or another, Thailand is increasingly, being globalized-and to exist, it must at least acknowledge global norms and values-other wise, the junta should just shut off Thailand from the globe.

And it has-philosophical wise.

The philosophical leaders of the junta here, always point to the “Bhutan Model” as the way for Thailand-at least, they argue, that the “Bhutan Model,” should be the philosophical guiding-light for Thailand.

That falls well with the royalist whose idol, the Thai King, Bhumibol, preaches “Sufficiency Economy” on one hand, but has built up a business empire to match any of the globe’s richest people-on the other.

Bhutan, off course, recently, said it would start to welcome development and foreign investments-welcoming “Modernization and Globalization.”

The Thai royalist, elite and military junta just slaughtered about 100 Thai protesters-followed by nothing much but a cover-up investigation-that is getting no where.

Time Magazine puts all of the above about Thailand, where the word “Thai” means “Freedom” quite simply that, “Brand Thailand Had Died.”

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