Competitiveness: US Duck Export to Canada sky-rocketing with Vietnam & Thailand making strong showing

By Pooky, Thai Intel’s economics journalist

 Thai Intel journalist are like absolutely in love with Thai duck. But we never had Vietnamese duck.

You name it, from MK Suki roast duck to duck curry-we are into it like big times. What is sort of funny though, is that you would think most duck in Canada are sold at the Chinese restaurants. And well, if you have been in the States, the American duck is sort of tasteless-lots of meat but it does not have that conpactness full of taste. So why is it selling so well in Canada? Like why is not the duck from Thailand and Vietnam beating the American duck-in Canada?

Then if Thai Intel is not wrong, the CP Group of Thailand, one of the largest agricultural conglomerates globally, is like into duck also in a big way. Like why is CP loosing the fight in Canada to the Americans? And why is CP seeing Vietnamese duck doing so well?

Just wondering.

The following is from Meat Trade News:

In 2010, January to October US prepared duck exports increased by 16% compared to 2009 numbers, according to a US Department of Agriculture report.

The leading importer of US prepared duck meat is Canada, receiving 45% of exports. Vietnam, Thailand, Ecuador and Suriname cover the majority of the remainder.

Overall duck commodity exports were down 1% for the January-October 2010 period due to a decrease in frozen commodity duck exports that offset the 25% increase in frozen whole duck exports.

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