Justice: Mother of killed Thai protester to testify at a UK “Human Rights Unit”

By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

The mother of a medic who was killed at the Vanaram Refuge, Payao, has been invited to testify to the UK Human Rights unit-said Payao. Her daughter, Kamolked, was shot and killed by a high velocity bullet, sniper fashion, while she worked as a nurse helping the Red Shirts protester at a medic tent.

As Thai Intel has reported earlier, the tent where Kamolked workd, had Red Cross markings on the tent and many of the medics at the tent clearly wore Red Cross symbols. The International Red Cross, had yet to make a comment on the killing of medics wearing Red Cross symbol, with many saying that the silence-is clearly related to the Thai Red Cross strong link to the Thai royalism (please see the Thai Red Cross organization structure).

Payao said a UK MP is part of that Human Rights unit and has sent her the invitation letter to testify-with the UK taking care of all the expenses. Payao said she has many evidence in her possession.

The Thai FBI that had been doing the investigation of the killing of the Red Shirts protesters and also the killing at the Wat Vanaram, a royal refuge center, have taken close to 8 months now in their investigations, with the progress being shifted about-however leaked documents sees preliminary confirmation of about 13 cases of killings of protesters by the Thai military.

The Thai FBI is a unit that most analyst and observer have said is highly politicized. Kaho Sod newspaper in Thailand says it serves the interest of the Thai government. The government had proposed that the Thai FBI head, to be sat on the top-level panel that over-looks the Thai police-in a move Thai Intel said was to control the investigative process into the killing-since the police are also involved in the investigations into the killing.

The Thai FBI, said they have made little progress into the soldiers responsible for those killings or the units they belong to. The soldiers used in the crack-down were mostly from the Thai royal guard unit and reported to the Emergency Decree Enforcement unit, CRES. CRES is chaired by the Thai prime minister, the defense minister and the minister in charged of security for the government-along with a host of other senior ranking military officers-such as the current Thai army chief, Prayuth.

Prayuth is considered a hot-head by most Thai military analyst-with Thai Intel calling him a “Psychotic Fuck.” Prayuth, said before the crack-down that the Red Shirts were “The Enemy of Thailand that Must be Destroy.” In private meetings, Prayuth says the sight of anyone wearing red makes him sick.