Human Rights: Semi-Free Thailand sees Democracy slide as kids get “Whipped & Caged”

Frank’s Note: As insane as it sounds, a country name after freedom is in fact not free-and the land of the free, is really the land of the not-free.

Well, as Thai Intel have mentioned and mentioned, over and over again-that Thailand, to which the word Thai means free, has been rated “Semi-Free” for a few years now by Freedom House-for the first time in its history.

Now comes an up-dated ranking, that this time caught the attention of the Bangkok Post, that says Thailand’s level of Democracy has dropped-and the once free country is still “Semi-Free.”

That is really nothing surprising, except that the parents of kids-who are sick and tired of seeing their children “Whip” in school-had got a Face Book page going-identifying the teachers who are used to “Whipping Kids.”

The page made head-line news at Matichon-that have been covering the issue-with the latest-that some teachers are saying that “Whipping” kids is a good practice-that build kid’s characters.

Then if that is not enough, the police says they will start enforcing a “Curfew” on kids below 18 from leaving their home after 10 pm-so kids will caged in their homes. Then the internet cafe kids love to hang-out are going to be watched closely to make sure the kids do not spend too much time in them.

There was a time that reasons prevailed in Thailand-with the schools saying they will ask the parents first-for permission to punish their students with force. And there was a time in Thailand when kids would have to ask their parents first for permission to stay out late.

Now it appears that the Thai state, as totalitarian as it is, is not only telling the parents what to believe in, like they must believe in Thai royalism or face lese majeste charges and be caged for years and years, is now going to take a great deal of the parenting responsibility of kids out of the parents hand.

In most Thai school today, there is grades already given to kids “Behavior.” At these school, they say it right there, that respecting Thai royalism is one qualification of getting high “Behavioral Grades.”

In fact, as odd as it is, today, the school RBAC, just threatened a student to kick him out of school for saying on Face Book that he is a Red Shirts. There are many, but not all, at the Red Shirts who are republicans.

That comes on top of the Justice Ministry setting up an “Internet Scout” to police the Thai internet to spot those that do not respect Thai royalism and then have it reported to the authorities. So, in fact, the Thai government is telling its citizens to “Spy” on other citizens-and report it.

Is there any wonder at all why Freedom House calls Thailand a “Semi-Free” country and that democracy had slided-and now the kids will pay the price-as adults have.

And in fact, that spying, as Asian Correspondent‘s Siam Voice had reported, resulted in death threats-to which a few Thais had to seek political asylum to the UK-and in fact, the UK admitted to accepting one such case.

In the mean time, after the privy council, Prem, went trashing a member of the Thai royalty, a few months after the WikiLeake leaked that trashing-Prem met with the Thai military-and as ridiculous as it sound-told the Thai military-to do their ut-most to protect Thai royalty. The military off course, just killed about 100 protesters in the name of Thai royalism.

About the only freedom the Thais really have-is the freedom to go insane-with the kids getting whipped and caged-in preparing them for the insanity of Thailand.

The Following is from the Bangkok Post:

Thailand is among 25 countries which showed significant declines in democracy last year with little serious resistance from the democratic world, the watchdog group Freedom House says.

It was the fifth consecutive year the Freedom House has reported a decline in political rights and civil liberties worldwide.

“Our adversaries are not just engaging in widespread repression, they are doing so with unprecedented aggressiveness and self-confidence,” said David J Kramer, executive director of the group.

“And the democratic community is not rising to the challenge.”

Yellow designates “partly free”

The report’s survey of 194 countries and 14 territories around the world found that China, Egypt, Iran, Russia and Venezuela continued to increase repressive measures with little significant resistance from democracies.

The number of electoral democracies dropped to 115, the lowest level since 1995, after reaching a high of 123 in 2005.

Of the 47 countries ranked not free, nine countries and one territory received the survey’s lowest possible rating for both political rights and civil liberties: Burma, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Tibet, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

Eleven countries were credited with making gains last year, but 25 others were cited as showing significant declines.

The 25 countries listed as declining in their levels of freedom were Afghanistan, Bahrain, Burundi, Cambodia, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Fiji, France, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Hungary, Iran, Kuwait, Latvia, Madagascar, Mexico, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Thailand, Ukraine, Venezuela and Zambia.

The Middle East and North Africa remained the regions with the lowest level of freedom while Ukraine and Mexico fell from the “free” to the “partly free” category, the report said.

“Authoritarian regimes will have a much freer hand to silence their domestic critics if there is no resistance from the outside world,” said Arch Puddington, director of research at Freedom House.