Compttitiveness: Washington Post’s UrbanDaddy on some UK creativity with “Lingerie in Envelopes”

Tammy’s Note: Well, the Washington Post‘s UrbanDaddy says send a girl some sexy lingerie by mail “Sealed with a Kiss.” As a girl, my first answer to Washington Post is that are you not afraid I am going to use the lingerie on another guy-and fantasize that I am cheating on the guy that sent me the lingerie?

Then really, lingerie is just like so special, for those special occasion-but for a guy to be sending me lingerie in the mail-I have to be kind of intimate with him-meaning lots and lost of sexy stuff already. And so with a guy I have been doing it with lots and lots-I prefer a different seduction-more direct like the sexy chick picture in this posting.

But then again-once in a while-it would be nice to meet a bold guy-who comes out directly and say things like “I think you are special and so here is some sexy lingerie for our first time.

The Following is from Washington Post’s UrbanDaddy

Some key moments in the history of seduction by mail:

1797: The invention of printed romantic cards, aka “valentines.” Expectations around the fake holiday rocket skyward.

1910: The debut of an evil corporation called FTD.

2011: Thanks to the magic of some enterprising Brits and the USPS, you send hand-wrapped knickers by mail.

Allow us to explain that last one.

Introducing KnickerMail, a brave new way to deliver silky underthings to your valentine through the mail, available now.

Sure, mail-order clothes are nothing new, but this is the world’s first service devoted solely to lovingly sending hand-wrapped, individual pairs of knickers, by mail.

Step one: take view of your life and consider if you really, truly want to do this. Step two: choose a color (red, purple or black) and compose an inscription for the handwritten note that will accompany your gift. (In a pinch, a Bee Gees lyric should work.)

Then, a few weeks later, the young woman will find an inconspicuous paperback-sized envelope resting in her mailbox. The knickers in question are silk-satin with ribbons at the hips, something like you’d find at Agent Provocateur.

You might want to double-check the address before you send.