Democracy: Privy Council visits Thai Army War Room, set up for Political “C3”

Stingray’s Note: The Bangkok Post reported that a privy council who advises the Thai King, had just visited the new Thai Army central region C3 center that looks after Bangkok. C3 stands for “Command, Control and Communications.” The new C3 center is located in Bangkok and has a political mandate. Rajprasong News, the English language official news outlet of the Red Shirts commented that if the Thai military is not involved in politics-the new 3C center would not need to have a political mission.

The Thai constitution clearly states that privy councils must not get involved in politics-however, a recent WikiLeaks showed that privy council, Prem, is deeply involved in Thai politics-and also internal palace politics.

Recently, a few days after the Thai prime minister visited Prem, the Thai government OK a US$2 billion spending to form a new mechanized division-which Prem has said in the past that such a division would help him pass away a happy man.

As that Privy visited the War Room with the political mission, today, in Bangkok, also, the government just proposed the Thai FBI head, Tharit, to join the Thai police top advisor board-in what Khao Sod newspaper, noted that the Thai FBI, under Tarit-had greatly been a political tool of the government. The Thai FBI investigations into the kilings of the Red Shirts protest, according to leaked documents, sees the Thai military killing many in cold blooded execution style killing.

That investigation by the Thai FBI, have not been released, with the Thai FBI sending the results of the Thai police and its own investigation-back to the Thai police for further investigation.

Tarit’s presence at the Thai police-could be seen as a way to “Control” the entire investigative process into the killings. Tarit, himself, first admitted that the leaked documents were real Thai FBI documents-then as more leaked-showing an increasing nuber of killings-Tarit reversed his previous statement and said the leaked documents were fake.

The Following is from the Bangkok Post:

(Thai Intel would like to say thank you for the Bangkok Post & Khao Sod for their important news break)

A new, modern war room has been built at the 1st Army Region headquarters as a command post to cope with situations on parts of the border with both Cambodia and Burma, and internal political crises, a military source said.

The 1st Army Area Command is in charge of Bangkok and the Central provinces, including the adjoining Thai-Burmese border in Prachuap Khiri Khan and Kanchanaburi provinces in the west and the lower half of the Thai-Cambodia border, operating out of Prachin Buri. It controls as many as three infantry divisions, plus cavalry and artillery.

The source said the new war room was built on the orders of army commander-in-chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha soon after he assumed the post in October last year.

Gen Prayuth is of the opinion that since the 1st Army Region headquarters commands main army units located both in Bangkok and throughout the Central Region, it should have a war room with modern communications equipment, the source said.

The 1st Army Region headquarters is also where  army chiefs and senior government figures hold meetings  to monitor particular situations and give orders at times of political unrest, and of late especially the activities of protesters of different colour codes.

Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban, who is in charge of security affairs, frequently used the First Army headquarters in Bangkok as a situation monitoring centre.

The new war room is located on the 5th floor of the 1st Army Region headquarters. It has remote conference satellite connections with all border defence forces, including the Burapa Task Force responsible for part of the Thai-Cambodian border.

Many top brass attended a function marking the 101st anniversary of the establishment of the 1st Army today and visited the new war room. They included Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwon, Gen Prayuth, former army chief and 1st Army region commander Gen Anupong Paojinda, and privy councillor Gen Pijit Kullavanijaya.

They were received by Lt-Gen Udomdet Seetabut, the current 1st Army Region commander.