Yingluck Focus: A Photo Album of Yingluck Shinawatra & Potentially Thailand’s First Women Prime Minister

Bangkok is now going wild over talk about Yingluck Shinawatra, Thaksin’s sister who is very close to Thaksin, that she might turn out to be Thailand’s first women Prime Minister, apart from carrying on the Shinawatra legacy in Thai politics.

I have met Yingluck in the past when our path crossed.

Back then, I am is sorry to say to readers, that I was partying very hard, and in the business meeting with Yingluck, I could hardly stay awake and kept falling to sleep-right there in the meeting.

If she saw me dozing off, she was not pissed or anything for me, to be wasting her time, where back then she was with Taksin‘s telecom firm, and I went to the firm, met her, to give advice on marketing communications and public relations.

Yingluck was in full command of the meeting, with all the people in the meeting alert and at full attention, I sense very much scared stiff of Yingluck, but she just laughed at me, I think as I never been in a meeting with her before and do not know if she has good humor or not, bbut she laughed several times, as for he advisor in the meeting, for like sleeping right in front of her.

Oh, back then there was no Thai Intel Group of Blobs as yet, and as many former journalist do, as my career at the Bangkok Post and Asia Times came to a grinding un-happy halt, I turned to marketing communications to keep the (caught) party going. And it was great fun for a while, as I was known as a star journalist in Bangkok back then, and public relations firms were around me, like bees around honey.

Any way (caught) too bad that business meeting with Yingluck did not take place on Soi Cowboy‘s Go-Go Bar. Now that would have kept me alert and alive. Well, maybe that would have been to much to ask from Yingluck, known to her close friends as a very down to earth and humble women, very distanced from issues like your typical Thai guy sexism.

But Yingluck is also known as a cutting edge manager, having headed up many companies in her brother, Taksin, empire-before much of it was nationalized away. Yingluck is currently the head of SC Asset, a condominium developer in Thailand. Word is she is mostly a business person, even having went to the universities to study public service and politics.

Yingluck at SC Asset in a gold silver shirt-smiling away.

Yingluck with the flowers she gave to the Thai Queen for the Thai Queen birthday-smiling still in a silk blue outfit.

Yingluck in a reflective moment that looks kind of cute and scarey at the same time-with her hair flowing to her shoulders.

Yingluck at the Thaicom Foundation that gives books to needy children-smiling again.

Yingluck with Mingkwan who is competing with her for the top spot at Pheu Thai Party-but things in this picture looks like they work well together-Yingluck mouth is kind of sexy here.

Yingluck signing the book to wish the Thai Queen a happy birthday.

Yingluck gives a lecture on advance brand building concepts-and smiling away.

Yingluck strides the corridor of power among men-and sort of lost her smile.

Yingluck must be dreaming about her boyfriend in this picture-cause she looks like she is in love.

Yingluck keep a close hold on her purse at a seminar on how to make Thailand’s logistics more efficient-but she looks like she is real worried about her purse.

Yingluck up-country Thailand with a grass-roots meeting-sporting pearl and flowing hair-and that smile that does not quit.