Politics: “The Nature of Abhisit’s Junta”

By Frank, Thai Intel’s political journalist

Thai Intel and a great many others say that Thailand is nothing much but a junta. But most have done a great job explaining why Thailand is a junta-but very few really looked closely at what a junta government is all about-apart from the general oppression-like killing of protesters.

So the following report, may give Thai Intel readers a clue-into what lies ahead as far as Thailand’s future in the hands of the junta is concerned-apart from the obvious coming out and do more killing.

“Yes” the polls in Thailand are never close to reality but the 2 latest poll coming out at about the time the Abhisit junta hit the 2 years mark is like really freaking funny-if they got the general drift of the Thais thinking correct.

ABAC poll found Abhisit leadership, usually hovering about 4 out of 10-shot up to about 6 out of 10. Meanwhile, a few days later, the Bangkok University poll, saw the government performance tanking from about 4 to below 4 out of 10,

When Taksin was in power, the royalist elite rulers of Thailand used to joke, that Taksin worked like a horse-but all of it is stupid work. A “Stupid Horse” is what Taksin is-they say.

The royalist elite military rulers of Thailand never gave one evidence of that Taksin being a “Stupid Horse” like absolutely nothing. In fact, Taksin government performance had always hovered about 7 out of 10. And Taksin leadership? Well, he was a CEO type.

So here comes 2 latest poll on the Abhisit junta-Strong leadership but idiotic level performances. Like does that sound like a “Stupid Horse” or what?

LOL-the nature of a junta

That off course comes on top of another poll early in the month, that says the Abhisit junta is now more corrupt than Taksin-and in fact, global level transparency units says Taksin is much cleaner-like for a long time now.

Then there is another poll on civil servants pay raise-at every level in Thailand including politicians-where the money is coming from deficit spending. Well that poll said that most Thais do not agree with the pay raise.

  • So lets see, Abhisit gets a strong leadership poll-but performance is like idiotic, corruption is massive and to top it all off-Abhisit borrow to gave civil servants including himself a pay raise-and the Thais are not too happy about all thet crap.

LOL-the nature of a junta.

Christ, if all of that is not like psychotic enough-Abhisit said if people do not agree with the raise-they do not have to vote for him-so basically, Abhisit told the Thais to fuck off.

LOL-the nature of a junta

So like on top of it all-Abhisit had to remind everyone that Thailand is not democratic, poll means crap, and that even if the Thais do not like him-the royalist and the military is going to prop him up to be the prime minister any way-so like fuck off people.

But polls are just the opinion of the common typical folks, if it is done correctly. But what of the professional research house.

Well, there is no really professional research house in Thailand, but Thailand Research Develomental Institute of TDRI-yes the research house that hates Taksin so much-said the government spending that is much borrowed-is pretty much wasteful spending-across the board and practically all of it-and Thai Intel will quote TDRI here: “The Abhisit government spending are political motivated.”

What is political motivated spending, well it is “Buying Votes” and “Loyalty.” So wait a second, is TDRI saying the Abhisit junta vote-buying is worse than Taksin?

LOL-the nature of a junta

So to recap-like to wrap it up it is the following:

  • Abhisit is a great leader taking the government performance into idiotic level with massive corruption then gives itself a pay raise then tell the Thais to “fuck off I do care about your opinion” but borrows money to hand a bunch of money to them to buy their votes. 

LOL-the nature of a junta

By the way, if the Thais are not happy about all of that summary what then?

Well, the government and the military today said they will impose the Emergency Decree immediately if conditions called for it-in the Red Shirts protest. Meanwhile, it is the Internal Security Act, massive censorship-and “Yes” off course, royalism hype to the maximum.

“Oh-do our readers know what the Abhisit junta said about the World Economic Forum ranking that saw Thailand’s competitiveness tanked?

To quot Abhisit: “Thailand does not have enough members at the World Economic Forum for the World Economic Forum to really understand Thailand.” Meanwhile the World Bank also saw Thailand’s competitiverness tanked like the World Economic Forum.

“Yes” our readers can add what Robert Amsterdam, the Red Shirts lawyer said, quote, Abhisit is globally known for loosing touch with reality.”

What does that mean? Simple, Abhisit lies so much-he can not tell te truth from lies anymore. In fact, Abhisit lies so much Freedom Against Censorship Thailand calls Abhisit a “Lier.”

So to recap:

  • Abhisit is such a great leader he takes the performance to idiotic level, where corruption is massive and then gave himself a raise and told the people to fuck off with their opinion-then borrows to gives them money to buy their votes and if they protest-he will kill them-then lie to himself that he killed nobody.

LOL-the nature of a junta

“Yes” the Abhisit junta is a royalist backed junta.

Congratulations royalist, you got your great junta.

LOL-the nature of a junta

Christ, then the argument-save the monarchy at any price from Taksin, by the “Good People” who can do no wrong is just so hilarious with the Wikileaks on “Privy Council” Prem and “Good people” Anand blasting away at the Thai prince.

Then who can forget that after so much going after Taksin’s over his royalty level-for the fist time-names of Thai royalty are appearing as graffiti on toilet wall and a 100 million baht movie with like a billion baht free public relations, staring a Thai royalty member-made about 5 million tickets sale.

So the final recap:

  • Abhisit is such a great leader he takes performance to idiotic level, where corruption is massive then gives himself a raise and tell the people to fuck off if they do not like that-but borrows to gives them money to buy their votes-and if the people do not like him and protest-he will kill them and lie to himself that he killed noboby-all of that is not wrong because he is a “Good People” trying to protect the monarchy from Taksin as the privy councils and the good people goes blasting away at the crown prince and ordinary Thais for the first time in history are writing nasty graffity about the Thai royalty members on filthy toilets at gas stations-and a billion baht worth of free publicity generated 5 million in tickets sales.

LOL-the nature of a junta