Politics: Rajprasong News “Thailand has got a bright future!!”

Blog Note: The word “Rajprasong” translate to “The Wishes of the monarchy.” Yesterday, the Red Shirts hald another protest at the Rajprasong intersection-with estimates anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 showing up. It is a very difficult task to estimate the real number-as there is no vintage point to see in every direction of the 2 main roads that intersects there.

Rajprason, is where about 100 protesters were killed in the brief  Thai civil war about 7 months ago.

About 6 protesters were also killed nearby in Wat Wanaram or Wanaram temple. The Wanaram temple is a “Royal Refuge” meaning a place for people to take refuge.

Leaked documents show that 3 of those killed at Wat Wanaram Royal refuge-and probably all of them-were killed by the Thai military in cold blooded execution style manner. The Red Shirts lawyer, Rober Amsterdam has lodge the case with the International Criminal Court-backing up the case with hundereds of credible and independent witnesses of those killing at the Royal Refuge.

The Thai military commander, Prayugh, is a staunch Royalist who rose from the Queen Guard unit of the Thai military.

The following is a picture from the Rajprasone News:

The caption is:  

Thailand has got a bright future!!
Today’s litlle Hero – tomorrow’s leader of the Nation!