Politics: Democrat Party MP Source says “Democrat Party in turmoil over “Dead-End Ideology”

By Frank, Thai Intel’s political journalist

Well, as I told Thai Intel readers last week, I was going to meet a Democrat MP this week-end and last nigh I went to party with him. Nothing much happened on the babe side, as that MP friend was rather tense.

As Thai Intel told our readers earlier, some in the Democrat Party are concerned about the Democrat Party alignment with the royalist elite military rulers of Thailand-like 100% irreversable now.

That Intel reported what he said last week, and wants to do it again here: “Some said the military had won the battle but lost the war, and there are a few in the Democrat Party who believes that the Democrat Party have also won the battle with the military but lost the war with the military.”

The reason he gave, last week as he called me up, was that “Democracy, Liberty and Justice” are global values that are penetrating every country on the globe.” Thailand is just too open a country to escape it and there is no way to close off Thailand, he said.

Last night, he added a great deal more insights-of the internal situation at the Democrat Party-but asked me not to published most of them, so I will have to apologise to Thai Intel readers.

Thai Intel is really nobody, in this Thailand scheme of things, really-just a small cult-but I did asked him of Thai Intel’s position that the Phue Thai Party should boycott the next election see here-since any election can not be fair under the current environment-where the military was/is pulling the strings and with the palace deeply influencing politics and also being used for politics, as well.

He said some in the Democrat Party have thought about the boycott, if it happened, and in fact, have thought about it before Thai Intel’s report, and the Democrat Party, are not too happy with the prospect of the boycott.

“The No Vote is going to be massive and de-legitimized the entire election and if the rationale for the boycott is accepted by the Thais and globally, it is an end-game. The government, that emerges from the debree will be able to run the country, and it will not be the Democrat Party. We are looking at the oposition here. But what is really worrysom, is that all that focus, instead of the election and parliament, going to the Red Shirts protest and activities, all of that is going to rock Thailand to its foundation,” he said.

Well, that is about all I can say-since he is a friend and asked me not to go into details of how widespread the “Fear factor” is in the Democrat Party.

We talked at lenght about Abhisit, the Thai prime minister of the Democrat Party. But I asked him if I can quote him on Abhisit and he said “no can not.” So I just want to say the the general mood of the Democrat Party-is not what it seems in the newspapers.

If I were to add an analysis to all of this, it is that it just simple that the Democrat Party, have put everything on the table to get into/remain in power-like everything-destroying much of Thailand and everything that is good about itself-with that power grab.

We will have to wait and see, if Abhisit can live in Thailand and not imprisoned for so many crimes-after he looses power-and my bet is that it is not going to be too long before that happens.

There is just no way in these day and age to kill off about 100 people and get away with it. Everything that Abhisit and the Democrat Party are doing-is just a desperate attempt not to get caught.