Editorial: Advice to Taksin, Pheu Thai Party & Both Red Shirts “Your Humanity will Give You Strength”

By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

Tomorrow, the Red Shirts will meet for a protest-and the main discussion will be about Taksin, Pheu Thai Party, Red Hawk and Red Doves-and all of it will focus on the question “How are we going to win this struggle against the Amart rule over Thailand.”

A women who now leads the Red Shirts organization was having lunch the other day and Abhisit, the Thai prime minister of the Amart-meaning the royalist, elite and military ruler walked passed-and Abhisit asked to talk to that women leader of the Reds.

At that table, apparently some sort of deal was reached to free the Red who are imprisoned, mainly they are political prisoners. The husband of the women leader of the Reds is one of the imprisoned. After that talk she emerged with tears-hopeful that her husband would be released.

Others in prison said they would rather be in jail than being released by Abhisit’s grace that have murdered many-meaning they have suffered greatly and sacrificed much and to be release-that would be humiliation and a sign of defeat.

Off course, we are re-running the event of the Rejprasong all over again here-between the Red doves and hawks-and a Taksin that is very quickly loosing all control of the Red Shirts movement-as the Pheu Thai Party that also lacks cohesion and direction.

Actualy, Thai Intel have written on this issue before and said basically, that it does not really mater at all what the Amart critics says, because they are authoritarians that only understand command and control, a victory by force and kniving-but the Red Shirts are fundamentally democratic-and thus what does one expect but a great deal of debate among the ranks-since that is what democracy is about-finding a consensus.

What concerns Thai Intel is not all the crap newspaper said that the women leader of the Reds cried and sobbed massively, indicating weakness-or that the Reds will wither away, fragmented, weakened and all the rest-like what doe one expect from the Amart-kind words and understanding?

Obviously, Abhisit only want to destroy the Reds, Taksin and the Phey Thai Party-is there any doubt at all? The release the Reds political prisoners-would benefit him and his Amart rule over Thailand-period.

The release of the Reds political prisoners is nothing much more than-after having murdered the Red protesters to stop the protest-is to weaken the resolve to continue the struggle. Think back to the aged old Thai proverb that says: “A pat comes after the hit.”

The problem for Taksin, Pheu Thai Party and the Red Shirts Hawk and Doves need to understand, is the nature of the beast-that the struggling is against.

The Amart are un-democratic authoritarian, command and control type of beast-about 80% Fascist-ready to kill at any time.

The problem with the struggle against the Fascist, is that it is OK to negotiate with them-since most who have the mental aptitude to appreciate democracy-are the type of people that does not want un-necessary losses and suffering-but in that negotiation-it must come from a position of strength.

Thai Intel suggest all fractions in this struggle against the Amart, is to cut the crap-no one expects Taksin, Pheu Thai Party, or the Reds hawk and dove-to be united as one since that is not the nature of democracy-but each and every one who makes up the struggle-needs to be focused on continuing on-from a position of strength.

What is strength?

Thai Intel suggest each and everyone that is involved in this struggle with the Amart-to follow your humanity-individually.

What is humanity-it is the concept that keeps humanity advancing and winning against tyrany-namely it is the commitment to democracy, liberty and justice.

When confronting a situation-apply the problem to those very human concepts-of democracy, liberty and justice-as the standard to measure up to-and the strength will emerge.

The Red Shirts movement is not an authoritarian movement-each and everyone needs to answer that question-individually-and follow the path that makes each and everyone, on the individual level-gain that strength from democracy, liberty and justice.

The Amart rulers of Thailand is nothing much more than Fascist animals-and only with our humanity will we win the battle against them.