Thai Culture: Red Bulls Formular One Driver, Mark Webber, Makes a “Pitch Stop” for the Thai Royalism

By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

The Thai King, Bhumibol, went to watch Red Bull’s Formular One driver, Mark Webber, todaty-as the street around the Rajdumnern area was carved off for a Formular One racing. Mark gave the Thai King a replica Formular One car and the event was very big news in Thailand. News reports of both according the other with great well wishes.

Red Bull, an energy drink that stimulates the brain into hyped activity, started by a Thai, was taken on the global scale by a foreigner and is known for supporting “Extreme Sports.”

I have a great friend who used to work in a hotel in a Phuket-the hotel is like the Formular One of hotels of Phuket. Similar to Mark Webber, my friend was one of the best at what he does and that is the “Activity Director” of that five star maga hotel/resort and he watches over the pool and such.

One British girl, on vacation, caught his interest. Being the activity director at a major hotel comes with it good pay and he is, as the activity director, obviously very fit, strong and many say very hansom. He is a proud and successful Thai.

So he just said “hi” to the British girl.

The girl responded by saying, “I am a bit above your level.”

What got my frirnd to quit his job that day, was that at the pool, as the British girl rejected him and went sun bathing, my friend said the following:

“She waited till the all the service girls to the pool was away and there was only me left, and I saw her intentionaly dropping her glass and it spattered. Then she waves me over and told me to get a broom and sweep the broken glass up. I knew what she did, but I did what she told me to do, it was my duty not to exhibit any anger. But after that, I resigner and never went to work in the hospitality industry again.” 

Thailand has great packaging-Phuket beaches, intricate Temples and Palace, Arts and Crafts that touched the heart, Sleezy Sex Spots with Angles on sale, Sopping Paradise, Wild and Crazy Full Moon Parties & many more down to a strong expatriates community, modern Bangkok and a subservice always smiling Thais.

About 99% of the time, people globally falls in love with that great packaging-as today a foreigner, Mark Webber of the Formular One driving team Red Bull went to the hospital the Thai Kings is residing and signed the get well book saying in English: “The Thai King is the unifier of the Thai people.”

On the same day as Mark Webber said those words, far away from the Formular One circuit, where most people probably never heard of Formular One racing or have ever seen a Formular One car, in a small dusty poor province of Thailand-a Thai Red Shirts was sentense for 3 years jail for lese majeste-or offending the monarchy.

So who on earth, globally, would identify with the Red Shirts protesters-except those that looks beyond that great packaging of Thailand-and can see things like the WikiLeak identified-that the Thai palace had always been involved with coups or knows that there are about 10 million Red Shirts in Thailand, with one estimate saying most of them are critical of the Thai monarchy.

Thai Intel had always maintained that one reason foreigners have come to love Thailand, is because it is a great “Value for Money” and the “Service is Great.” And this is for the tourist, expatriates, or just about anyone else.

But there is a flip side to that-and for example, the “Great Value” for foreigners comes at a price to the Thais and that “Great Service” also comes also with a price on the Thais.

To put it bluntly, the better the deal Thailand is for foreigners, the worse of the deal it is for the Thai people.

There is a reason why Thailand needs to be such a “Great Deal” to foreigners-and that is because apart from the packaging-Thailand, literally, has nothing of substance to offer the world.

There are no great Thai scientist, Thai industry, Thai thinkers, Thai philosophers, Thai Businessmen or anything of substance that is more than a place for a “Great Bang for the Bucks.

The Thai Red Shirts are simple folks-they want liberty, justice and democracy.

With those values as fundamental rights, Thailand would not be such a “Great Bang for the Bucks” for foreigners-but it would be a “Great Bang for the Bucks” for the Thais.

All of the above is to say, why should foreigners with shallow values and weak ethics care about Thailand of the Thais?

It takes those around the world who have the sophistication to see through the packaging and the morality and ethics to care for the Thais-to see why they should join the Red Shirts protest.

But what is beneith the great Thai packaging?

Most people globally, who are sophisticated, says Thailand is nothing but an oppressed country that have always used threats and force to keep most of the Thai people “Tamed and Down” for the royalist elite military rulers of Thailand to get rich from.

And everything is corrupted in Thailand for that objective.

The democratic process is corrupted. The justice system is corrupted. Human rights is corrupted. Liberty is corrupted. The palace is corrupted. The political process is corrupted. The military and police are corrupted. The economy is corrupted. 

To put it bluntly, everything is corrupted in massive degree in Thailand for one reason only-to keep the royalist elite military rulers of Thailand rich and in power.

As the royalist elite military staunch supporter, Thanong of the Nation newspaper, says: “Democracy, liberty and justice are not Thai values that Thailand must be protected from.”

What is the Thai value Thanong speakes of protecting?

AHRC says Thailand is an “Authoritarian state.”

The Red Shirts protesters are just simple country folks with a dream to emerge from oppression-and for the globe to join in that protest-first, it takes getting pass the impressive packaging and then after that, it is to understand with is inside that package.

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