Thai Culture: A “Twist” Royalist Blame Monarchy for Thai Kids Low IQ

BANGKOK. Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej.
Image via Wikipedia

(you got to ask yourself why would anyone want to be knows as the “Teacher of Thailand”)

  • By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

So great, the royalist government of Thailand is going to accord the Thai King, Bhumibol, with the title “Teacher of the Mother Land.”

King Bhumibol has been a great teacher to Thailand all is life,” said the Thai royalist government statement.

The problem is off course, Thai kids IQ have been falling and falling to now the lowest IQ in Asia and now stands at about 90 when the global average is like 100.

“Yes” when you measure a teacher’s ability-the best place to  look at is the results-and that is the children.

So since the Thai King, Bhumibol, will soon be considered the “Teacher of Thailand” lets look at the Thais shall we?

  • Now lets see, about 20 years ago there was a financial crisis that landed Thailand into the management of the IMF.
  • Now lets see, Thailand used to compete with Malaysia and Singapore league and is now in the Vietnam and Indonesia league-after falling again some 30-40 years ago from the S.Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong league.
  • Now lets see, Thailand is in a state of total mess with a brief civil war about 6-7 months ago that saw about 100 protesters killed and 1,000s hospitalized-and the country now totally divided.
  • Now lets see, Thailand have had like a billion constitutions and trillion coups since absolute monarchy was replaced with constitutional monarchy-so many coups and constitutions they looks like a used condom at some dark bar on Soi Cowboy.
  • Now lets see, Democracy is going no where- and where liberty and justice in Thailand one of the biggest joke on the planet-to the extent that Thailand that means the land of the free is now called semi-free.
  • Now lets see, apart from kids having low IQ, lets not forget about sky-rocketing suicide rate and depresssion-oh, boozing it up in Thailand is like also top 5 globally and Pattaya and other places are considered the globe’s biggest brothel.
  • Now lets see, corruption is now the worse in Thailand’s history and cronyism is like every fucking where.
  • Now lets see, every independent agency is now entirely politicized.
  • Now lets see, like Thailand is so much hated globally-it is having to go around kissing everyone’s butt and doing the balancing act like a fucking clown.
  • Now lets see, lets not forget the tanking massively of competitivness and Thailand being ranked as one of the most violent country globally
  • Now lets see, lets not forget the top 5 global ranking on rich and poor gap.

So like the royalist is now going pin all the above great example of Thailand’s greatness, like all of them on the Thai King, Bhumibol as the cause of all of it-by according him the title “Teacher of the Mother Land.”

“No” Thai Intel is not pinning all of that greatness of Thailand’s accomplishments on the Thai King, Bhumibol-the royalist are.

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