Thai Culture: Guinness Book Royal Celebration & rocket grenade threat

BANGKOK. Light and music aquatic show.

Blog Note: Well, today the Thai King turns 83 and a Guinness Record breaking birthday celebration was just thrown for him.

Millions upon millions was spent on the celebration, and involving 1,000s of people who helped made the event.

Thai press have been running front page story on the rehearsal of the event, announcement of the event, the event itself and so on so on so on and so on.

Off course, about 100 Red Shirts protesters were killed by the Royalty Guard Military units and are not in much of a mood to celebrate anything.

But they have been doing protest mixed in with lots of creativity-sort of like creative protesting.

So the Red Shirts have been staging protest events for about 6 months now-with many creative type of protesting.

So today, on Sunday, with the Red Shirt, originally there was going to be a “Talk Show” to raise money for protest future activities.

As Thai Intel reported earlier, the Thai army chief, Prayuth was not happy about it-and gave out a loud bark against it.

Today, Sombat, the Red Shirt who organized the talk show, saw threats on his Facebook.

The threat said, stage the talk show and be ready to be hit with rocket grenade launchers, and another one saying be prepared by having ambulances stand by for the injured.

Sombat canceled the talk show.

The trace of those who made the threat of the rocket grenade launcher and the ambulance-lead to a Thai military officer.

The Thai military off course killed about 100 protesters about 6 months ago.

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