Royalism: Guinness Book Royal Celebration “The “Not Dangerous” 1,000s of Sky Floats”

BANGKOK. Light and music aquatic show.

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Blog Note: About 2 weeks ago, up in northern Thailand-it was the local cerebration, where the people up north will lit up these sky floats (sort of like balloons). The Thai military made a big deal out of how dangerous the floats were-to planes that land up north-particularly Chiang Mai airport.

The noise the Thai military raised was so loud, the airport said all flights would be canceled during heavy sky float time.

I have been hanging out in a house on the outskirt of Bangkok-and tonight, it is Thailand‘s father day so my kid asked me to return to the condo downtown Bangkok.

Well, it is a big time in Thailand celebrating the Thai King‘s 83rd birthday-so I figured with the long holiday and people at the King’s celebration, the freeway would be empty and so a great time to relax and drive back into town.

So I started on the hour journey out of the housing estate.

There are about 500-800 homes at the estate, and at the main ground event area of the estate, as I drove past, about 20 people were holding a celebration to the Thai King.

I was surprised of how few people there were, but guessed it was because most Thais are probably out-of-town on holiday.

So I got to the highway, but surprise, the freeway was packed as normal, I saw very little differences, except for the lights at government buildings.

On the way back into town I passed, Tessco, Big C, Imax Movie Complex, Robinson and Fortune Town-and I could not helped but laughed-because they are all jammed packed as normal.

I got to the condo, the lobby, where a big area was carved out for the event-with picture of the King and flowers all over-it was devoid of people.

I got to the condo, and my wife and kid were watching a Korean game show.

About half an hour passed, and explosive sounds outside the condo and it was fireworks.

They got excited, rushed to the balcony and then back in and switch the channel to the King’s birthday cerebration.

“Look at the 1,000s and 1,000s of sky floats the people lit up,” said my wife.

Then the music came on at the climax of the celebration, and it was like over and over and over-the same song-till my wife was getting real board of all the hype-the word “love” must have been said about 1,000 time by those repeated songs.

Then the announcer said thank you for Bangkok University students for lighting up the sky float.

I just could not help but let out a laugh, told my wife the cerebration is costing millions upon millions to stage-and the kids who lit the sky float probably are getting some money for lighting them up.

She got a bit pissed and turned the TV back to Korean game show and forgot all about the cerebration.

“Tomorrow it is “Harry Potter Day,” she said.

Well, I got curious, as I look at the 1,000s upon 1,000s of sky floats.

Why is the Thai military-that made such a major major fuss about the sky floats up north-have suddenly gone quiet on all the sky floats in Bangkok.

I do not know, maybe planes does not fly across Bangkok anymore.

Like maybe up north, it was lighting up of sky floats by the people and they were like all over.

But tonight, on the King’s Birthday celebration-maybe it was just at that one isolated spot by the probably paid to do so students.


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