Editorial: In Mourning for Any Hope of Thai Justice

The most un-just Thai civil servant-becomes the "Civil Servant of the Year"

Blog Note: There is a lot of mourning for the death of Thai justice going on. Thai Intel feels and think this is also the time Thai Intel to do some mourning. We will be back, when we are done mourning  the death of Thai Justice.

By the way, today, the most corrupt and un-just Thai civil servant-was just accorded the title of “Best Thai Civil Servant of the Year.”

The word civil servant in Thai is “Ka Rachakarn” meaning those who serves the Thai Monarchy.

Thai Intel is literally, dumb folded by it all and need a break to clear up out head. To catch what Thai Intel is up to in the mean time-please visit “Thai_Intel” twitter, but it is mostly re-twit of human rights twits.

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