Politics: Pleaces & Events “Ethical Tourist” should visit & not visit in Thailand

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Blog Note: The Democrat Party, with a prime minister going to kill a bunch of protester, survived a corruption charges-as the court cited technical reasons for the case. The fact is, the exact same technicality exists in 3 other political parties that faced disbandment-but the same court axed them out of existance-and made no issue of the same technicality.

At this time most around the globe probably knows already what is going on in the Kingdom of Thailand. But to re-cap, the royalist elite military rule of Thailand have been going after the forces of democracy, liberty and justice in Thailand-to the extent that soldiers of the royalty guard units were involved in a deadly crackdown that left about 100 protesters dead and 2 soldiers.

Many around the globe, who follows news of that crackdown have reservations as to the riots and rampage that followed-thus clouding the protesters objective in bringing democracy, liberty and justice to the Kingdom of Thailand.

  • Thai Intel just want to remind our readers that there is a cause and effect-in that the deadly crackdown resulted in the riots and rampage. And in fact, the royal guard units started it all one day, when the protesters were singing at the “Kog Wao” locale, and royal guard units snipers opened fire on the protesters, from on top of a building. Additionally, there were never a “Force Parity” between the protesters and the royalty guard units-meaning the protesters had always been at the mercy of the Thai Thai military-and what ever arms there is with the protesters are there for defensive purposes-against a Thai military that history have shown to have always slaughtered protesters.

Apart from the Royalty Guard soldiers, Privy Council Prem, have been deeply involved in Thai politics, through the Songkhla School network-along with other privy councils. The Privy Council Network, inches itself throughout the Thai society.

Thus through the Royalty Guard military unites and Privy Council Network, Thailand is truly the Kingdom of Thailand-where democracy, liberty and justice are only fronts-put up for global consumption-that does not exists in reality. Again, there is no democracy, liberty and justice in Thailand.

How should people around the globe  react to this-such as the killing of about 100 protesters and people jailed for long-term for lese majeste-to prop up Thai royalism?

Thai Intel suggest our readers consider “Ethical Tourism.”

  • Hua Hin, a popular vacation destiny, should be avoided, because it is a former retreat of Thai Kings and currently, the place where the rich elite of Bangkok, who mostly supports the deadly crackdown on protesters so that shopping centers could re-open, go for their vacations to experience the cutting edge city as a way to cerebrate how the royalist should continue to run Thailand.
  • Grand Palace, a popular Bangkok tourist destination, is the symbol of the rise of the “Bangkok Era” of the Kingdom of Thailand. Since democracy was introduced in Thailand about 70 years ago, the Bangkok Era of the Kingdom of Thailand, have seen about 30 coups and countless Constitution torn-up. Most of that is to ensure that the royalist remain in control of Thailand-with each critical turning point-the royalist would come out and slaughter protesters.
  • Siam Paragon Shopping Center, a very popular shopping area of the elite globally, is owned partially by Thai Royalty, where at the height of the protest, elite Thais put up posters saying, “We the Expensive Shirts, want Siam paragon Back.” The posters had the symbol of goods such as Channel and Versache on it. That call by the “Expensive Shirts” re-vi-berated across most Thai press, that the protesters were hurting commerce, and a solution of any type, is needed.
  • Sukhothai Historical Park, where, King Ramkumhaeng, an ancient King with high ethics and moral ruled and called a “Golden Age” should be visited to be reminded that once, a Thai King put a bell in-front of his palace for any Thai to ring-where the king would emerge from the palace to address the grievances of that Thai, instead of slaugthering or putting them in jail as is currently going on Thailand.
  • Watching Thai TV at 8 PM should be avoided, as it is the time for to hype up Thai Royalism. Watching it one would come to the conclusion that Thais respect the institution. The fact is that all the hype is just propaganda. A recent movie, with a member of Thai Royalty as the lead actress, costing about 100 million baht to make, and running now for about a month, had generated a very very weak ticket sales, but due to being a movie promoted by the Thai Royalty, theater continues to run the movie-mostly devoid of viewers.
  • Guinness Record Birthday Cerebration will be the ultimate hype of Thai royalism. Here “Ethical Tourist” might have the most difficulty rejecting-as it will be an extremely “Grand Event.” The event, however, is being staged by the most corrupt Thai politicians in a government that have seen Thai corruption breaking historical level. The birthday cerebration, fundamentally, has nothing to do with the birthday at all, but is tied to the survival of the royalist dictator government. The government, popularity had been waning, and thus the cerebration was cooked up to over-shadow its failures.

Overall, Thai Intel suggest to any tourist, who are concern about “Ethics and Morality” in tourism to avoid all things-related to Thai royalism.

Supporting Thai royalism-tantamount to supporting the continuing slaugthering of protesters and hurting chances that democracy, liberty and justice-along with human rights and freedom of expression-will emerge in Thailand.

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