Politics: Rated most corrupt Thai politicians stage Guinness Record Monarchy Celebration

Blog Note: Polls after polls confirms that to the Thai people, the two most corrupt politicians are Nevin and Suthep-both key power centers of the current royalist government.

The two of them have now joined force to stage what is said will be  Guinness World Record breaking cerebration to the Thai King‘s 83rd birthday.

Please research Thai Intel report on the cerebration and how it fist into Thai politics.

Both Nevin and Suthep, are potential Thai prime minister-but their image of the worse corrupted politicians in Thailand is a major stumbling bloc to their further rise in power in Thailand.

Therefore, both have joined hands in staging this massive cerebration for the Thai King, most likely, in a “Re-Branding” attempt and to white wash all their corrupted practices-by leeching on the Thai King’s coat tail.

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