Politics: Democrat Party voter base mainly people who occupied Airport & Government House

Blog Note: Matichon weekly has an analysis of why the Yellow Shirt, who went to occupy the Thai airport and government house, in their destabilizing a legitimate government tactic-have found that their support to out the Democrat party with fresh protest in recent days have drew just 100s of protesters and not in the 10,000s as before.

“It is a fact that most of the people who went to occupy the government house and the airport with the Yellow Shirt are people who vote Democrat Party,” said Matichon.

Matichon concluded that thus, the Yellow Shirt attack of the Democrat Party-only drew a few people.

Off course, if you have been reading Thai Intel, in fact, key leaders of the Democrat Party, then in the opposition, did went to the occupied government house frequently, and walked around giving support for the “Clearly Illegal” occupation.

There were many rumor during the occupation, that the Democrat Party were in fact busing in people from their voter base, from Southern Thailand to build up the Yellow Shirt occupation of the government house and airport.

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