Royalism: “US Town Hall Meeting” goes pro-Thai Royalism

Preamble to the United States Constitution

Image by drewgeraets via Flickr

Blog Note: On twitter, a twitter friend just told Thai Intel that at an American Town Hall meeting, conducted by the US Ambassador and a special black operations specialist, un-confirmed, with perhaps the American Regional Security office, just made statements on the Red Shirts such as “Insurrections”, “Violent” and Aggressor.”

For a counter argument, please research Thai Intel’s report: “Thank God, Eric, the US Ambassador to Thailand out & “Internet Lover” in.

The twitter friend said parts of what is said at the American Town Hall did not go into the “Official Transcript” record of the meeting.

As Thai Intel reported, the black operations specialist advised the Thai government and Thai royalty on security.

Subsequently, a string of measures came from the US House, Senate and Obama-giving support to the ultral-Royalism current government of Thailand.

Thai Intel just wants to remind our readers that an American on American soil-with assistance from the US government-interrogated an American for his anti-Thai Royalty internet activity and took away his personal belongings.

Reporters Without Border and the Global Human Rights organization have bought the case to attention-and in their press release-quoted the American Constitution-please research Thai Intel.

Clearly, the American Constitution and Bill of Rights were both breached by the American government-on behalf of the ultra-Royalist Thai government.

For an depth report see Thai Intel’s report on US Ambassador to Thailand, Eric.

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