Editorial: Thank God USA Ambassador to Thailand leaving post

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By Frank, Thai Intel political journalist

Get this, Eric, the US ambassador to Thailand, at the height of the Thai political crisis-out of Thailand, held a “US Town Hall Meeting” in the US, co-hosted by a US special operation guy that was involved with advising the Thai government and the royalty with security advice…LOL.

So like “Yeah” for sure, at the town hall, the Red Shirt protest was called “An Insurrection” and the Red Shirts were “Violent.”

Then, about a week later, the US Senate off course, called Thailand its strong ally-to the extent that a famous and most respected Washington Post had to come out and apologies to the people of the planet that US Senate was just thinking about US interest in Thailand.

Oh, like the Senate not enough, Obama, about a week after the crackdown, invited Abhisit, the Thai prime minister to DC.

Say what? Like is that for real?

Then the US House, out of the blue passed a resolution supporting the Thai government reconciliation plan.

Like really, Abhisit’s reconciliation plan is laughed at and ridiculed by just about every independent academic in Thailand as just a public relations ploy.

Well, today, Human Rights Watch just blasted the emergency decree in Thailand, part of the reconciliation now for six months, as a “Regime of Suppression.”

So much for the US House vote.

Then who can forget the CIA involvement in the whole thing-and off course, the CIA is like working with Eric-and is probably the one that recommended the black operations specialist to the Thai government and for Eric to take the black ops to the US Town Hall.

Several local media reported that the CIA told the Thai government that a huge container at the Red Shirt protest were filled with weapons. The Thai government bought the intelligence and freaked out-ready for war. Off course, the Red Shirts finally said fuck the CIA and opened the container-and all there was in it was just beds where the Red Shirts leaders slept.

That bit of information is to tell our readers that the CIA was involved in the whole thing. And please research Thai Intel older stories, on how Thailand’s chief of government security told the local press that the CIA was helping the Thai Government track down Taksin, quote: “The CIA gave us tape of Taksin ordering violence.”

The bottom line, to Thai Intel’s readers, who as always depend on Thai Intel for a clear headed straight analysis is this:

About 100 protesters were killed and only 2 soldiers in the entire protest period. What ever arms the Red Shirts had, were there for defense and obviously it was not much to the military-otherwise-a lot more soldiers would have been killed.

There were never a force parity between the Thai military and the protesters. The Thai military had always had total supremacy of power. There was never any cause to crackdown on the protesters to the level that they did. And Red Shirt defense, why the need? Well just check out Thailand’s history-the Thai military have always slaughtered protesters.

And the ignition spark-like who got the killing going?

Thai Intel suggest Eric read the CIA report of the “Kog Wao” crackdown-where the Red Shirt protesters were just singing-and suddenly, sniper gun fire from on top of buildings.

And as far as Erick’s calling the Red Shirts protest an “Insurrection” consider this-all the rampage and riots that occurred, happened after the crackdown, not before. There is a cause and effect here-meaning the crackdown that killed about 100 protesters-cause an angry reaction from the Red Shirts-resulting is a rampage and riots.

Thai Intel urges all our readers, including Eric, if he happens to come across this report, to research the rise of the current Thai government. Just turn to Thai Intel’s report on “The rise of Thai Royalist and the Fall of the Issan people” for the crap the royalist Thais have been up to.

All Thai Intel can say is thank god, such a freaked out un-principled and not-moral US Ambassador to Thailand, Eric, is going back to what ever cave he crawled out from.

The welcoming news is that the next US Ambassador to Thailand is a women who loves the internet.

Lets just wait and see how the Thai military deals with her.

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