Human Rights: Thai military sending spies to collect “Personal Information” of Red Shirts on Facebok

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Blog Note: The Thai military is sending spies to collect “Personal Information” on the Red Shirts who uses facebook.

Thai Intel received the following warning from a Red Shirt:

“A military officer, using codename, have been infiltrating the Red Shirt Facebook community-saying that he is a Red Shirt……We got reports that personal information of Red Shirts have been shared with him……The military officer was able to generate a large net-work of Red Shirts…….Some Red Shirts who are in contact started to get suspicious of the similar type of questions each would get from this person………We did a background check and penetrated his other social network posing as a Yellow Shirt……The officer said he is a yellow Shirt on a mission to destroy the Red Shirts………Erase him from your network right away…..For those who have shared your view with him, try remembering what had been said since it would most likely have been recorded and will be used against you……(picture of the spy and his code names provided).”

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