Politics: The Rise of Thai Royalist & the Fall of the Issan People

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By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

There was once talk of how to transform Issan, the poorest region of Thailand into a sprawling region of Thailand.

“They are our servants, taxi drivers, construction labor and their women becomes our prostitute,” said one staunch Royalist in Bangkok of the Thai people of the Issan Region-in Matichon newspaper about a year ago.

That Royalist in Bangkok sentiment of the Thai of the Issan Region exploded one day, with accident on the street of Bangkok, where a Mercedes and a taxi cab driver got into an accident.

“The fucker taxi cab driver is just a poor bastard from Issan who cares what he thinks….The police should just arrest the bastard,” said the driver of the Mercedes to the police on the scene.

Both events caused an outraged with the liberal crowd in Bangkok and the Thais of the Issan Region-as the news spread.

The sad fact is that both events are not some isolated events of how the rich Royalist in Bangkok sees the people of the Issan Region-but the sentiment is shared by most of the rich Royalist in Bangkok.

The problem is that the Issan Region, the poorest in Thailand, has the most population in Thailand and literally speaking, any political party that can win the electorate there, is about 80% guaranteed to be sitting in the Government House and running Thailand.

“The people of Issan must put together all our sticky rice into one single rice ball, and we can govern Thailand,” said one politician, who succeeded in doing that, and the people of Issan very much put their people into running Thailand.

One of those politician who used to say those exactly words is Nevin, an Issan politician who used to be Taksin‘s right hand.

After the coup of 2006, Nevin was picked up by the staunchly royalist Thai military, interrogated and let freed on the side of the road somewhere, with most of his clothing taken away-practically naked-standing on some isolated road.

After the 2006 coup, about a year or two after, after a period of indoctrinating the Thai people and running Thailand under the banner of protecting to Monarchy-and election was called.

The Issan people continued with their sticky rice ball plan and the royalist Bangkok people lost in the election-and the Issan people marched into the Government House yet again.

Thus the staunch royalist Yellow Shirt came on scene and through a bunch of destabilizing tactics, like occupying the airport and government house, in combination with a justice system controlled by the royalist-succeeded in destabilizing Thailand to the tilting point.

Matichon, a newspaper here in Thailand, reported that the Thai military chief then, Anupong, called Nevin for a meeting inside a military camp. Present was a Democrat Party MP, then in the opposition-and together they pressured Nevin to change side and take his fraction to help the opposition form a government.

Offered were that corruption charges and investigations would be drop and that his fraction that join the government-will received a great many Ministry to control.

Thus Nevin ditch the sticky rice ball concept, turned into an ultra-Royalist, and joined the Royalist Bangkok people in forming the current government of Thailand.

Before that, under the the previous government put in office much by the Issan region people, under the one together sticky rice ball concept, there were plans for investments in massive aquaduct system for the Issan region-that gets the least rainfall in Thailand-and plans such as building up a grass-roots cattle industry.

The pride of the Issan people can not be more strongly noted than in a showcase  “Issan Cultural Festival” staged by the government back then.

“I called my Issan wife back from a European trip and told her she must not miss this cultural event,” said a western man who married a Thai wife of the Issan region.

“She returned and we went to the festival together with our children. She had tears in her eyes from the exhibits and historical shows. She was very proud to be a person from Issan,” said the westerner to Matichon newspaper.

With the global economic problem, started a few years ago, the Royalist government of Bangkok got a US$44 billion stimulus package going-with most of the money for mass transit system for Bangkok and surrounding suburbs and also road ways.

Thailand under the Issan sticky rice ball as one concept, saw the gap of the rich and poor in Thailand narrowed for the first time in Thailand’s history. Since then the gap has widened to reach the top five gap globally.

Today, Nevin, puts up billboard with pictures of members of Thai royalty all over his constituencies in Issan. The joke is on every street corner where Nevin rules-there is five or six billboards hyping up Thai royalism.

What did Issan region received from Nevin-it is Privy Council Prem dream of a new mechanize division. And thus billions upon billion upon billions of baht went to form a new mechanize division-all stationed in Issan Region.

And today, the Thai military psychological warfare specialist goes and visits every house in Issan.

Kay Sa Ra, Sa Ra Issan:

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