Human Rights: Thailand Persecutes U.S. Citizen for Online Activities

Blog Note: Thai Intel would like to say thank you to Thai Intel’s classified source for bringing this report to Thai Intel’s attention.

It was not long ago that a Thai media picked up on this story (attached). And then Thai Intel also did an analysis on the report-and please research Thai Intel.

It is interesting how some co-incidences occur.

As this statement (attached) was released today by the World Organization for Human Rights and Reporters Without Border-the Thai foreign ministry just welcomed the US Ambassador or someone along that line to the the ministry and the statement from the Thai Foreign Ministry, quoting Kasit, the Thai foreign minister says: “The US welcomes the opportunity to work with Thailand.”

Well, maybe it is to say thank you for Victor Bout. Bout, a suspect arms dealer, was arrested in Thailand-where USA and Russia fought over. Bout just got shipped to the USA last week.

And yet now an American is in trouble over Thai lese majeste laws.

Earlier, in Thai Intel’s report on this story where Thai Intel said that in fact, interrogating an American on Lese Majeste charges in America-means that USA laws were being broken.

Victor Bout’s wife just said Victor’s case, meaning Victor being sent to the US, is the result of a deal between the US and Thailand-for the USA to after Taksin.

Apparently, the reach of the royalist elite military rulers of Thailand is global.

If the USA is ready to break its own laws to help the royalist elite military rulers of Thailand, against even an American, perhaps there are some strategic re-balancing to do.

Perhaps, America should become the ally of N.Korea and Iran-and start employing Al Quada.

By the way, Internet Freedom is a top priority of the Obama administration and the US Congress is spending millions promoting internet freedom globally. But then, well, Obama and the US Congress?

To Thai Intel’s readers who are used to Thai Intel being on the ball, with cat like reflexes, Thai Intel apologies for the delay in this report-which came out about 12 hours ago and bought to Thai Intel’s attention.

Thai Intel has been working at a very over-loaded condition and needed a breather of something light.

The following is from Illinois Red Shirt:

via Robert Amsterdam

The World Organization for Human Rights has just issued an urgent new press release on a developing crisis issue.  More news to come.

US Citizen Interrogated by Thai Officials for His Online Activities

Reporters Without Borders and the World Organization for Human Rights USA (“Human Rights USA”) are outraged that Anthony Chai, an American citizen from California, was interrogated by Thai officials in Thailand and again later in the U.S. for allegedly insulting the monarchy in 2006. Originally from Thailand, Chai was granted US citizenship in the late 1970s. He faces possible arrest if he returns to Thailand.

In 2006, Thai officials also contacted the company who hosted, the website where comments about the Thai king were traced to Chai’s business computer. It is believed that Chai’s IP address was provided by the web hosting company without his knowledge. In response, the U.S.-based hosting company shut down the website.

“We are concerned about the widespread impact of Thailand’s lese majeste laws, including the direct implications for nationals of other countries, especially at a time of political tension through out the country.” the organizations said. “Chai’s case seems to show that American authorities do not object to foreign officials interrogating US citizens on American soil . Even more scandalous, Thai officials can require American firms to comply with Thai laws even when operating in the US . This is contradictory to US law and protection of national business. We are urging the Department of Justice to take action regarding this case”, Reporters Without Borders and Human Rights USA declared.

Anthony Chai told Reporters Without Borders and Human Rights USA: “According to one of the officials who came to interrogate me, he said he wanted to finish his report and to secure documents, booklets relating to the Thai monarchy. Fearing that I might not be able to go back to Thailand, I did cooperate with him, the Thai prosecutor and a palace representative fully. They were a party of three. I answered whatever he needed for his police report and gave him some literature and booklets regarding the Thai monarchy that my assistant and I had received in the mail during the past years. I was shocked to learn that Thai authorities have decided to file a lese majeste charge against me.”

The Fourth Amendment of the American Constitution states: “The right of people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Read more about the situation of freedom of speech and Thai lese-majeste law : and,36673.html.

Reporters Without Borders is an international press freedom organization that defends the right to inform and to be informed. World Organization for Human Rights USA (“Human Rights USA”) is an American non-governmental organization working through impact litigation to ensure that U.S. laws are consistent with universal human rights standards.

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