Politics: Royalist PAD calls for another coup

Blog Note: Well, what can Thai Intel say. The following report from WordPress says it all. We have an analysis. However, Thai Intel apologies to our readers that it can not be made public. It is not part of self-censorship-but it involves strategies and tactics. Thai Intel is an open source intelligence blog-meaning Thai Intel is being monitored.

The following is from WordPress:

Prapan Koonmee, a leader of the mis-named “Peoples Alliance for Democracy” or the royalist yellow shirts, has made a speech calling for the army to stage another military coup during a protest outside the Thai parliament. some MPs from the governing “Democrat Party” were present. The current military-backed Government has PAD supporters in the cabinet. The Foreign Minister is a PAD member. The Finance Minister’s wife is a PAD member. Both were involved in the seizure of the international airports in 2008 in order to over throw an elected government.

The PAD is keen to protect the 2007 military Constitution and is opposed to any amendments. There is also some rivalry between the PAD and its “New Politics Party” and the Democrat party. The New Politics Party has done very badly in recent elections. The PAD may not want to be tarred with the same brush as the Democrat Party if the Democrats fall from grace.

Back in 2006 the PAD, soon to be PM Abhisit, and Dr Niran (now Human Rights Commissioner) all called for the king to dismiss Taksin’s democratically elected government. This was seen as a request for a coup. The army then staged a coup in September. The coup was welcomed by present Finance Minister Korn.

A military coup, in order to install an unelected National Government, might be on the cards in the unlikely event of the dissolution of the Democrat Party by the courts. Such a coup might also take place when the king dies. However, the army is incapable of governing on its own and needs cooperation from other sections of the elites in order to maintain a dictatorship. The present Government is still favoured by the military because it has a “democratic” mask. However, this mask is rapidly slipping away, especially after the deliberate killing of almost 90 unarmed pro0democracy demonstrators in April and May.

In Thailand today, calling for a military coup and staging one is not illegal. But talking about the role of the king is punished by 18 years in prison.

There is evidence that the US and Spanish authorities have cooperated with the Thai military regime in tracking down people who post criticisms of the king on the internet. See: http://robertamsterdam.com/thailand/?p=473

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