Thai Culture: What will the Thai military do with the near-banned red color on the “Thai Flag”

The Pilot Flag of Thailand, a Thai national fl...

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By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

Picture above is the Thai flag, with Red meaning the country, protecting the inner core, Blue, meaning the Monarchy-with white meaning religion-being the buffer between the country and the Monarchy.

But now the color “Red” is being attacked in Thailand-and that is why the country of Thailand or Red is in such a mess.

The Thai military and government are on a roll-first banning slippers that are morally incorrect, then to goods that are divisive-and then along the way-talks of making wearing red color clothing illegal.

On the internet-like on Facebook and Twitter-some Thais have posed what about the “Red Color” on the flag?

The conversation thread proved lively and Thai Intel just wants to bring to our readers what some of these Thais are saying about the Thai flag and the color “Red” on the Thai flag.

For those who does not know-again-the Thai flag has three colors-Red that represents country, white that represents religious purity and blue that represents the Monarchy-and the positioning of the color on the flag has critical meanings as well-as to the structure of Thailand.

“The Thai army chief, Prayuth, says the sight of anyone wearing red sickens him, so the flag wrapped around dead Thai soldiers must sickens him too,” said Moui.

“I heard Prayuth plans to replace the color red on the flag to green to represent the Thai military….so the Thai flag will represent the military, religion and Monarchy,” said Sombat.

“Admit it, the color red on the Thai flag is really subversive to Prayuth…..To make Prayuth feel good about life, the Thai flag should just have the picture of Prayuth on it since he is running Thailand anyway,” said Ying.

“On the national Thai military parade day in front of the King, the Thai soldiers are divided into colors, with a third wearing red…Oh dear, that must really make Prayuth sick to the stomach,” said Elizabeth.

“Prayuth is having the Thai military bio-science department research into how to change blood color from red to green…so he will die a happy man knowing his blood is not red,” said Saksith.

“What do you expect from Prayhuth who says the Red Shirts are the enemy of Thailand that must be destroy,” said Makawan.

Well, Thai Intel readers get the sarcastic drift that is going on in the Facebook and Twitter conversation.

The funny thing is that those that opposes the Red Shirts and support the government crackdown-is starting to question themselves and what they originally stood for-as some journalist with the mainstream press are starting to report on.

In fact, Thai Intel and Thai Intel’s obsession with to noting a wide range of  “Indicators” have seen a moderate drift of people who used to be on the government and military side-drifting towards being a Red Shirt supporter.

Already also, a string of articles on how many, both Thai and foreigners, are now starting to question the “Mental Stability” of the Thai military boss, Prayuth is also appearing.

“The guy is a total psychotic idiot,” said Boonmee, on Facebook and got “Liked” by about 58 people since going up yesterday.

To put it bluntly, the blue color of the flag, meaning the Monarchy, have breached the white of religion-and invaded the Red color or the country.

Who got it all started, well the Yellow Shirt off course-who accused the Reds of attacking the Monarcy. A book, exposing that crazy Yellow Shirt called, “Lim Chao” exposing how the Yellow Shirt used the Thai Monarchy to attack its enemy is now on the 5th “Best Seller List” on a few major book store.

“The Monarchy was fooled by the Yellow Shirt into believing that the Red Shirts are trying to destroy it and went on an offense against the Red Shirts and so something that was nothing much, have become a significant Republican movement in Thailand,” said one global class analysis-adding, that if the attack on Democracy and Human Rights persist, Republicanism in Thailand will keep gaining wider and wider audience.

(The following are what Thai Intel is really interested in, however, and that is Sexy Babes in Red. As long as the Thai military does not attack sexy babes wearing red-all is OK. Please click picture to enlarge)

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