Democracy: Video of Thailand’s Finance Minister joinning Yellow Shirt occupied government house goes missing & his wife’s criticism of democracy

Blog Note: Thai Intel would like to say thank you to our classified source for bringing the report to Thai Intel’s attention.

  • By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

Korn, Thailand’s finance minister’s wife just shot back at Taksin’s lawyer, Robert Amsterdam-after Robert re-ran a story by the independent blogger, Bangkok Pundit on Korn’s wife.

So what is going on?

There was a time when the Yellow Shirt went to occupy the government house in an effort to kick out an elected government. The Democrat Party, in the opposition then, went to show support for that occupation of government house.

On TV and in newspaper, reports appeared that Korn, a Democrat MP that is now Thailand‘s Finance Minister-went inside the occupied government house and encouraged the Yellow Shirt occupation.

The Thai police, after years of delay, have now just bought charged against the Yellow Shirt for their occupation and closing the Suwannaphum airport.

Next they say they will investigate the occupation of the government house-as it was clearly an illegal activity.

The Red Shirts attempted to gain a record of Korn’s walking inside the government house as evidence of illegal activity.

Several Thai TV operators, who were contacted, simply said the video clips of that event have gone “Missing.”

Korn now says he never ventured into the government house-but was only on the outside.

Kasit, the Thai Foreign Minister, is now charged by the police for his occupation of the airport.

The wife of Korn recently gave an interview saying “Democracy is the Problem.”

Bangkok Pundit, an independent blogger picked up on the report and subsequently Robert Amsterdam, Taksin‘s lawyer picked up the story that was ran by Bangkok Pundit.

The following is the response of Korn’s wife in Bangkok Post.

Please use your own judgment and make your own conclusion of what to think.

It is Saturday-and I plan to have a few multiple orgasm with a really hunk of a guy.

Like I am in a great mood to hear that Korn wife’s says, in the following letter from her, that she believes in freedom of expression, when her husband’s government just told the police to go after Taksin for lese majeste.

Obviously, Korn’s wife has some maturing, learning and thinking about life to do.

As for Korn, called Thailand’s Finance Minister of the Year, just approved a 20,000 billion baht for the Thai military armament purchase, only a week after Thailand’s worse flooding in decades killed and laid to ruins much of Thailand-where what money that went to the flooding relief is now being investigated for corruption.

The following is from Thailand Finance Minister’s wife to Robert Amsterdam:

Mr Amsterdam, in reference to the article ”Is democracy a problem?”, posted on your website and Twitter, I wish to respond as follows.

First of all, I assume you know what freedom of speech is. What I said in the interview (with Matichon newspaper, Nov 12) is an opinion that many others share. I am a housewife who sees the flaws in my country’s democratic system. Notwithstanding that, I am a law-abiding citizen who complies with her democratic duty of voting at every election, local or national.

Anyone who calls himself a democrat would also acknowledge my democratic right to criticise democracy in my own peaceful way. In fact, if democracy can’t be criticised, then surely it wouldn’t be democracy at all.

Now, let me share my perspective: You, Mr Amsterdam, are now serving a former leader whose political party was disbanded for election fraud and who himself was convicted of corruption whilst in office. Like me, he chose to criticise society; but unlike me, he chose the route of violence by supporting an uprising that led to many deaths and the burning of private and public prop erties. All the while he says he ”loves democracy”. I understand that your paid duty is to whitewash your employer, but I am confident that the whole world sees him for who he really is.


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