Thai Culture: Nazi’s “Degenerate Art” & Thailand’s “Degenerate Book”

Nazi burning books that they deem "Subversive" and "Degenerate"

By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

Are the children of Hitler running Thailand these days?

Consider the following:

In Germany, they just discovered all the arts and books that the Nazi called “Degenerate” and thought to have all been destroy.

Those arts and books are on display in a German museum at the moment.

But “Yes” the Nazi did held book burning sessions. Millions of books deemed “Degenerate” were burned in ceremonies that were attended by 1,000s of Germans caught up with the times.

I just want to note that in Thailand, the Democrat Party of Abhisit, just told the Thai police to get rid of a book by Robert Amsterdam.

The book is called “White Paper on the Murder of the Red Shirts Protesters.”

Thai Intel just wants to say what are books but “Words.” And what are “Words” but the thought of the writer.

Here in Thailand today, apart from book burning, those who speaks of words deemed “Degenerate” are thrown in jail for like 20 years.

It is not only the books and words that are being burned in Thailand-but those who created them as well.

And similar to the times of the Nazi, a flood of books with mysterious authors have been unleashed into the Thai book store-10s of them that just simply calls the Red Shirts the “Degenerate.”

That off course is on top so so many Red Shirts press and media that have been terminated.

And “yes” like many Nazi today, they say the “Extermination” of the Jewish people never took place.

“The Red Shirts are the enemy of Thailand that must be destroy,” says the Thai army chief, Prayuth on top of:  “The sight of anyone wearing red sickens me.”

It is a hard time in Thailand with the children of Hitler in control.

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