Editorial: Che Guevara “The People Liberate Themselves”

Che Guevara (Jim Fitzpatrick's style)

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By Terry, Thai Intel’s editor

Viva Revolution:

As Aung San is freed, many Burmese are seeing her as the person who will “Liberate” Burma from the junta’s rule. Here in Thailand, if anyone cares to remember back, there was also a big debate about Nelson Mandala, as to if Thailand needed someone like Nelson to liberate Thailand.

Back then, about 2 years ago, that debate in Thailand, spilled into the Thai Red Shirts movement, to which the debate was if Taksin Shinawatra, is the real “Liberator” of Thailand.

I just want to remind everyone that perhaps the “Greatest Liberator” and the champion of the 3rd World against American imperialism, Che Guevara said the following, quote:

“I am not liberator. Liberator do not exists. The people liberate themselves.”

Burma and Thailand, are now at a critical juncture. In both countries, time is catching up with their respective junta in different ways. In Burma, the dictatorship has run its course to the end with “No Way Out” but to tone down the repression and give a voice to the people. In Thailand, a recent crackdown has put the country’s future into “Unknown Territory” with the junta offering nothing but to turn the clock back to a more desperate times in an effort to cling to power.

But the solution to both Burma and Thailand can be found in Che’s words of warning that there are “No Liberators.”

What Che speaks of is nothing less than the advice that the “Democratic” process, where the people “Liberate Themselves” through the ballot-is the only real solution in addressing Dictatorships.

“Yes” many of Thai Intel’s readers are “Blue Blooded” Capitalist and extremely “Pro-American.” And that can be said of Thai Intel as well. But Thai Intel is not blinded to what Cuba had become or that America have changed. Yet, Thai Intel’s commitment to the Democratic process, crosses philosophical grounds.

The bottom-line to Thai Intel is that the people’s wishes comes first-not an economic system, not nationalism, not royalism or anything else actually.

But back to Che-it is important for those who are the leaders of their countries “Liberated People” like Aung San and Taksin, to understand that the best way to “Liberate” both Thailand and Burma-is to make the people in their countries realize that the “Power to Liberate” their countries, “Lies with the People” themselves.

The bottom-line is that, the best way to guarantee that a country will not fall into the “Dictator Junta Trap” where the liberator of a country turns into another “Dictator” themselves-is for a country to have a people who understands democracy and are the “Liberators of Themselves.”

Viva Revolution:

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