Democracy: Another Western Intelligence Analyst Tells Thai Intel of Concern on Aung San’s Safety

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Blog Note: A day ago Thai Intel received a message from Thai Intel’s classified Intelligence source that he was concerned about Aung San‘s safety. Thai Intel just received another message from another source who is also concerned about Aung San’s safety.

Thai Intel only hope and pray that Aung San’s talk of reconciliation and direct talk with the Burmese generals will produce positive results. That in itself, would help guarantee Aung San’s safety to a certain extent. However, Thai Intel fear that the Burmese Generals, very much like the Thai general, have experienced a long bout of being the top echelon of their respected countries, and falling under democracy rule-where freedom of expression and justice reign-may prove too difficult.

The assault on the Burmese continuing junta by the minority races may help change the mind-set of the Burmese general that the globe and the people of Burma have changed. That realization may mean enough accommodation to see Burma get through a transition period-if it truly emerges.

As for Thailand, the situation is more complex, as the total ban on Aung San’s speech in Thailand was instigated to shield Thailand from experiencing a Democratic popular culture from exploding-indicates the repressions and level of media control in Thailand.

Subsequent fight in Thailand over the meaning of Aung San is also indicative of the hatred the royalist elite military rulers of Thailand continues to have on a large segment of the Thai population-such as can be seen in the Yellow Shirt Media, Manager, that said Aung San is “Gold” and Taksin is “Shit.”

And despite Aung San making a negative comment on the military drawn Thai Constitution as “Un-able to deliver Democracy” the Thai government said simply that Taksin should “learn” from Aung San-despite Taksin’s repeated calls for true-reconciliation in Thailand-is indicative to the low level of respect of the Thai people‘s intelligence held by the Abhisit government.

Furthermore, Thai press such as the Nation Group that have aligned itself with the royalist elite military rulers of Thailand are now playing up parts of Aung San’s speech-particularly about “Reconciliation.”

That clearly is to hype up the Abhisit’s position on Thailand’s own Reconciliation-that most independent Thai academic have called “A Fake Reconciliation” that is just an attempt to pacify Thai dissidents.

Lastly, no Thai media has touched on the key aspect of Aung San’s speech that freedom of expression is the cornerstone of Democracy-indicating yet again, the self-censorship of the Thai media-and of the Thai media’s position on Democracy.

The following is from Thai Intel’s intelligence source:

…………………I’ve been following the Aung San Suu Ky speech in Rangoon which is really a brilliant piece of incredibly simple, straight-forward and powerful oratory…….she speaks calmly but the words are “fighting words” for sure…………and the only way the Burma generals are going to stop her is with a sniper bullet to the head……while not the “same” situation as Thailand, there are a number of similarities and it puts the present Thai government in a very odd position to be praising her while simultaneously using some of the same methods as the Burma ruling group to maintain themselves in power……….will they dare to give their snipers the “go ahead”?  It’s either that or settle into their Singapore condos……….

The Afrikkaners could have killed Mandala but they decided it would be better to accept the inevitability of “change” and for that, they needed Mandala’s help…….what will the generals hiding in the Burma capital do?  And what will take place in Thailand?

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