Royalism: Former Thai King’s kid at Thai opposition party “Barked” at by Abhisit’s spokesman

Pheu Thai Party

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By Frank, Thai Intel’s political journalist

At the crux of the Thai crisis lies royalism that feeds a junta-like Thai government of the royalist, elite and military axes against the Thai opposition party, Pheu Thai Party, and the Red Shirts that believes in Democracy, Liberty and Justice-that the conflicting crux can only be re-solved with a re-structures of Thai royalism.

Thus the Thai royalist, elite and military rulers of Thailand-used the above “Crux of Conflict” to set-up of all their opponents as “Anti-royalism” playing on the blind devotion many Thais have of that junta-like Thai royalism.

To correct that situation, as a start, the Pheu Thai party said they will announce a new addition to the party heirachy-and that person is one survivor of about 5 left,  of a high-ranking “Direct Descent” of one of Thailand’s former Kings.

That joining and appointment could go a great distance to address the concerns many have of the Pheu Thai Party, and if that direct descent indeeds help restructure Thai royalism, would halp resolved Thailand’s problem. One current cooked-up charges is that the Pheu Thai Party is filled with Republicans because the Pheu Thai Party is close to the Red Shirts protesters-a Thai social movement with many Republicans in its rank and files.

About a day after the announcement by the Pheu Thai Party key philosopher, Big Jiew, the personal spokesman of Thailand’s prime minister, Abhisit said, quote:

“If the Pheu Thai Party is loyal to the Thai King, why do they need of the King’s descent…..It is only a ploy……They do not love or respect Thai royalism.”

There are a few ways of looking at the situation.

There is no doubt, the track record of the royalist, elite and military axis running Thailand-has not impressed the middle class-with its corruption, ineffectual, ineffectiveness, and propaganda nature.

In fact, Thailand’s only independent mainstream press-just wrote that Abhisit is increasingly being seen a comedian to the middle class, where the Abhisit junta popularity with the middle class is shifting away.

To the Thai middle class, which is much more sophisticated and well-informed than many Thai observers understand-the question of Thai royalism is a subject that is open for lively debate-spiced up to the maximum with critical thinking, rumors and disrespect that is mixed in with fear and a sense of “No-Way-Out” of the situation.

The main characteristic of the middle-class position on Thai royalism-is just simply a “Shallow Devotion” with “Little Substance.”

The inclusion of the King’s descent into the Pheu Thai Party-could be the solution that many middle-class accepts, as a recent poll shows-Thai are now mostly of the opinion that corruption is acceptable as long as the government is effective in managing Thailand. That off course lays well into the hands of the opposition party-where Taksin is seen as corrupt but a highly effective Thai prime minister.

However, the real target, Abhisit spokesman words on the Pheu Thai move-was in fact, targeted to the lower middle and the lower class who are caught up with Thai royalism propaganda-and thus continues to love and respect the institution. These are mostly Thais in Southern Thailand and the middle region.

As far as the upper crust and the military are concerned-it is a joint alliance to use Thai royalism to reach their objectives of controlling Thailand-with little real love and respect to the royalism institution-and what is there is subject to changing paradigms. There is no doubt that the love of Thai royalism by many of these class of people-are in fact, tied in to the love of themselves and their position in the Thai society as top echelons.

Yet, the bottom-line is that Chaovalit, the Phue Thai Party philosopher-just made a key move on the issue of royalism, sending a signal to everyone that the party is ready to address grievances of those that are concerned about the party-in bridging the gap between Thai royalism and democracy, liberty and justice.

The rejection, by the Abhisit junta could back-fire.

Taksin made a similar analysis in a well known Time magazine article-saying he fully supports the Crown Prince as the next Thai King, but that the Thai privy council that surrounds the Thai King must be made non-political in nature.

That sparked an out-raged in Thailand against Taksin. Since then, millions more Thais have lost all respect to the Thai royalism-based namely in the belief that Thai royalism wil not adopt to modern times.

The sad fact is, that “Barking” of the former Thai King kid joinning the Pheu Thai party-was done namely for political purposes-in that a Thai general election appears near, some 6 months away-to which, with the rejection, Chaovalist said the Thai King’s decent will join Pheu Thai Party with the general election.

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