Economics: Russian oil reaches Thailand for first time

Muay Thai is Thailand's national sport

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Blog Note: It is getting complicated-that is to say of Thailand‘s foreign policy. Cobra Gold military exercise with USA, but also training with China‘s military. India and USA forging close ties to counter China. India forging military ties to Vietnam. Indonesia and Singapore becomes active national security players again. Thailand’s closeness to Burma along China’s line-as the West shuns it. Sitting the middle of it all is Victor Bout and the Thai dissidents in Cambodia question. Then Hillary to Cambodia-bu passing Thailand and APEC.

Then the Beijing Consensus is starting to be the building block for the Thailand & Burma Consensus. Then economic competition all over the place-with Thailand saying it wants to use the Chinese Yuan in Asia.

Well, on top of it all-Thailand is buying Russian oil now. Where the whole of the Pacific is dotted with disputes territories.

The following is from TASS

Russia begins supplying oil produced by Sakhalin Energy to Thailand

12.11.2010, 13.38

VLADIVOSTOK, November 12 (Itar-Tass) — Russian has begun supplying Sakhalin oil produced by the international company Sakhalin Energy (operator of the Sakhilin-2 project) on the shelf of the Sea of Okhotsk to Thailand.

As the company’s press service reported, the first batch of oil was delivered to Thailand by the giant tanker Zaliv Aniva of the Primorsky Sea Shipping Company. A batch of 764,000 barrels (about 100,000 tonnes) of Vityaz oil was bought the company Petro Diamond. The tanker ran to Thailand and back for almost a month.

As of the beginning of all-the-year-round oil shipments from Sakhalin in December 2008, the company Sakhalin Energy has supplied about 11 million tonnes of oil to Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, the Philippines and the United States. Now Thailand is also a consumer of oil produced on the shelf of the Sea of Okhotsk.

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