ASEAN: Is it “Burma Consensus” Thailand is copying or is it “Thailand Consensus” Burma is copying?

yes, there is the "Burma Consensus" and the "Thailand Consensus"

By Frank, Thai Intel’s political journalist

First came the “Washington Consensus” of export led capitalist development, then the “Beijing Consensus” of repressed capitalism.

Along the way the globe adapted, but in recent years, the so called “Thailand Consensus” of democratic shelled dictatorship came about. Now there is talk of the “Burmese Consensus” a variant of the “Thailand Consensus” being democratic shelled racist dictatorship-being that Burman has many minorities that are seen as second class citizens.

But the Thailand Consensus and the Burmese Consensus is looking to be greatly similarity in recent days-with the Burmese now declaring a state of emergency-very much like Thailand’s capital and surrounding is under a state of emergency.

And fundamentally, beneath it all, both “Thailand and Burma Consensus” have rationalized their democracy as “Disciplined-Flourishing-Democracy” that is uniquely their own-that foreigners can not understand.

There are many other similarities between Thailand and Burma.

Consider the following:

  • Both are ruled through cronyism with a small ruling class at the top.
  • Both have powerful military that is deeply involved in politics.
  • Both have a system of government administration that favor the ruling elite and highly prejudice against others.
  • Both have what they say are the enemy of the state, with Burma being many minorities and Thailand being the opposition and the red Shirt.
  • Both have an economic structure that offers competitiveness to the rich ruling class resulting in wide income distribution gap.
  • The tactics themselves also looks similar, such as in widespread censorship of the freedom of expression, the repeated slaughtering of their own countrymen, usage of state of emergency to the charges of terrorism on its opposition and also things like rejecting free and fair elections.
  • Then other things are getting similar like political asylum and refugees out of the both countries-of dissidents who are escaping to freedom. Or the increasing numbers of political prisoners.

If our readers are objective, the argument is not that fundamentally Thailand and Burma looks the same, but the argument is the level of sophistication.

Here it is interesting to watch the development in both Thailand and Burma-as to the level of sophistication of both.

The question is, would Burma learn from Thailand, to be more sophisticated in implementing the “Burmese Consensus” or would the Thais ruling elite learn from Burma, to be more of a savage in implementing the “Thailand Consensus.”

As the rumor in Bangkok today is: “Another Thai Coup is Close.”

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