Editorial: A very hansom Buddhist Guru’s wise words


Thai Intel loves to get mail and publish them

Blog Note: Thai Intel is interested in inter-acting with our readers. We just got news of a very hansom Buddhist Guru from, Alain Mahaux,  a reader who sent us an e-mail-perhaps in response to our analysis on Abhisit and the middle-path.

Just to remind our readers, you have access to publish at Thai Intel blog. But you must make it easy for Thai Intel because we are very busy people at Thai Intel and if you just send us a link and say, “Please follow the link to the story and publish it” we may or may not have time to do it.

The following Guru has some very wise words on peace and true inner liberty.

Thai Intel journalist are Catholics, but we do work in helping  Buddhist temples get their English language Internet site going. “No” Thai Intel has no problems with Buddhism, Muslim or even Voodoo and Wicca-but we think Devil Warship is a bit too much-but the chicks there are kind of cute though. Like call Thai Intel crazy, but that little girl in “The Ring” with long black hair that craws out of TV is sort of cute in a way.

We hope our readers find peace on this beautiful Sunday.

Om Namo Guru Buddha Gyani

Om Arya Charya Prani Buddha Gyani

Respected Honourable Guru Dharma Sangha was born born on the 9th of April, 1990 in the village of Ratanpuri, Bara District not far from Lumbini, the birthplace of the great Buddha Shakyamuni.

Guru’s parents are farmers. His mother, Maya Devi was married at 12.  She had 5 sons and 4 daughters.  Guru was her third son.

Guru Palden dorje is now in his fifth year of meditation in the jungle of Bara District in Nepal…(read biography)

The Objectives of  Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha:

  1. To help the objectives of Respected Honourable Guru Dharma Sangha by uniting to guide those who have been cast aside and those who would divide society to the right Dharma path by eradicating  discrimination and enmity.
  2. To adopt the path of respected Guru Dharma Sangha and create a broad and peaceful environment to encourage all castes and religious sects to adopt the path of wisdom.
  3. To preserve and develop the welfare of all aspects of wildlife, vegetation and to respect the rights of all sentient beings.
  4. To establish religious trusts, meditation centers and social welfare centres throughout the world.
  5. To appoint regional representatives as assistants to spiritual Gurus in order to spread the messages of peace provided by Guru Dharma Sangha for other spiritual purposes.
  6. An approach to declare the areas covered by Charkoshe Jhadi (the name of the forest where Guru is practicing severe meditation) as a National Non-violent Meditational Region and to confirm its designation as a meditational forest.

I have taken refuge in the liberator forever. I will change all conscious lost sentient beings into the path of liberation and mokchya …

Teaching from 10.11.2008

Always embrace the path of mercy, compassion,non-violence,peace; this is the message I want to convey to our society and to all the citizens of the world …

Teaching from 19.09.2007

I am only showing you the way; you must seek it on your own. What I will be, what I will do, the coming days will reveal.

Teaching from 02.08.2007

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