Justice: An inside look at the Suvanaphum Airport’s “Men in Black”

The Wise Guys grab hold of the Suvanaphum airport (Restaurant)

by Stingray, Thai Intel’s national security journalist

In Thailand, there are laws and regulations against soldiers conducting businesses-but through nominees a horde of solders are involved in business.

If you know something about Thai soldiers, many of the business they do turns them into the Mafia. And if you know the Mafia, you know the famous story about the restaurant business and the Mafia.

The movie “Wise Guys” made the Mafia and the restaurant business famous.

Basically, it goes like a legitimate restaurant is pressured and so the restaurant owner, thinking it is wise, goes to the mafia for protection-by offering part of the restaurant for the Mafia to own. That done, the Mafia took over the business and ran it like the Mafia runs anything and that is everything in through the front door all proper, but then out through the back door for a hefty profit.

The restaurants tanks, the legitimate owner goes bankrupt-but the Mafia gets rich is the moral of the story.

The story is so old it is ridiculous how some still fall for it-but the same thing happened at the Suvanaphum airport.

The parking business at the Suvanaphum airport is very bug business-with an income of about US$1 million a month.

The legit business that bid for the contract came under pressure and went to a  Thai soldier, who is a Mafia for help. The soldier Mafia helped, but being the Mafia, it is the restaurant business of in through the front and out through the back.

The Suvanaphum airport managers thus was not happy of the situation-and wanted to terminate the contract with the legitimate business.

But the problem is the Mafia.

So here comes another restaurant business, the manager of the Suvanaphum airport went to another soldier, who is also a Mafia and asked for his help.

This Mafia, sent about 100 Men in Black, namely soldiers, to take over the company operation and kick it out on behalf of the Suvanaphum airport.

The manager of the Suvanaphum airport reasoned that using the Mafia would result in a quick settlement of everything, instead of going through legal means that could take years to get rid of the legit/Mafia business alliance.

The problem now obviously, is that the picture of Men in Black all over Suvanaphum airport looked bad for everyone-since everyone knows the Royal Thai Air force is the real powers at be at the airports in Thailand and it made the Air Force looked really stupid with Men in Black invading the airport.

So this Mafia that came to rescue the Suvanaphum airport is now under house arrest, ordered by the high echelons of the Thai military.

Meanwhile, the whole thing became such a mess, Suvanaphum airport is deciding to revamp all of its contract with the private sector legit business at the airport to get rid of all the Mafia.

The problem is the Suvanaphum airport itself is just the ultimate “Big Restaurant.”

And so all of what had happened is just one “Mega-Size” set-up for the real Don Coleon to take control of it all.

By the way, in the movie Wise Guys, the restaurant gets burned down for insurance money and hide the depleted stock of everything that is on on the books-but out the backdoor.

My only comment to this whole story is that in the movie, why is it such a complicated mess burning down the restaurant-like hours and hours of hanging all those balloons all over the place (see the movie) for a spontaneous eruption of the restaurant into a ball of fire?

Like to tell you the truth, I don not get it.

Fire fighter forensic will smell a rat in a second.

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