Politics: Abhisit’s latest utterance about Thailand being about the “Extreme and Middle-Path”

Thailand's prime minister, Abhisit, now thinks he is Buddha

By Frank, Thai Intel’s political journalist

Thailand’s prime minister Abhisit, just uttered the words that the struggle and problems of Thailand today is about the struggle between the “Extreme” and the “Middle Path.”

Well, Abhisit is no Buddha to be able to find a middle path, and in fact, Abhisit and the military just killed about 100 protesters. And also in fact, Buddha did not say, “Killing is OK under some circumstances” but Buddha said, “No Killing whatever.”

But OK, we are not living in ancient India-and Abhisit may be talking in the modern Thai age-where killing of large numbers of protesters now and then is considered normal to keep the royalist elite military rule of Thailand going.

In fact, the royalist elite military rule of Thailand is so extreme, it says, “The poor are too stupid to vote and democracy, freedom and justice are not Thai value but global values that Thailand must be protected from.”

But is Thailand under Abhisit extreme or is it following a middle path?

Like how does one judge if Thailand is on the middle path or not?

Well one way, any rational and not extremist person would do is to look at Thailand’s ranking on the global level-to see where Thailand under Abhisit lies.

If Thailand falls like in the middle, then perhaps Abhisit is right that Thailand is in the middle path.

Consider the following:

  • Thailand just got 3.5 out of 10 on corruption and transparency-under Abhisit.
  • Thailand’s freedom of the press just got placed at about 160 place out of 180 place globally-under Abhisit.
  • Thailand competitiveness just tanked another 2 places and 10 places since the coup of 2006 where the rest of ASEAN is heading up the ranking very quickly-under Abhisit.
  • Thailand just got rated poorly and tanked massively on Great Place for Doing Business Globally-under Abhisit.
  • Thailand’s children just saw their IQ level fall about 10 points below global average of about 120.
  • Thailand’s suicide and depression rate is current at Thailand’s historically high-under Abhisit.
  • Thailand’s currency, baht, has appreciated the second most in Asia after Japan-under Abhisit.
  • Thailand’s political risk rating is one of the highest globally-under Abhisit.
  • Thailand is considered the best bang for the buck tourism spot on the globe-under Abhisit.
  • Thailand is rated best place globally to test new medication-under Abhisit.

Does the above looks like Thailand is on a middle path-under Abhisit?

And where is Thailand average or at about the middle path under Abhisit?

  • Thailand GDP growth is about 8%, about average where Cambodia is at about 4.5% and Singapore’s 15%-under Abhisit.

The problem for Abhisit, is that Abhisit truly believes that public relations, the propagating help of mainstream press, and the censorship of freedom of expresion-all means Abhisit can say anything and the Thais will believe his words.

What Abhisit really means, when he said the struggle in Thailand is between the extreme and the middle path, is that his opposition are the “Extreme” and himself, the “Middle Path.”

But as many have noted Abhisit warp and twisted sense of reality-perhaps, all those global rankings-will show Abhisit-that Thailand under him-is a very “Extreme.”

And much of that-like the killing of protesters by Abhisit, the censorship by Abhisit, the poor management skill of Abhisit, the twisting of the justice system of Abhisit, along with massive corruption and cronyism in the Abhisit government “ARE THE MAIN REASONS FOR THAILAND BEING EXTREME.”

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