Politics: Thai high-school history book censored out death of Red Shirt protesters & praised the Thai prime minister for crackdown


Makes one wonder what other lies are in the hai history books?


Thai high-school history text book have censored out the death of about 100 protesters in the recent civil war and putting the blame on the protesters, saying many of them went on a rampage of burning and looting.

The actual wording of the history book in Thai is, “Pron Sadom” which is a word reserved for what invading armies of the Burmese traditionally does after invading Thailand. The word resembles the English word “Rape and Pillage.”

Since the history book had come out about a week now since the Thai schools have started a new semester last week, many Red Shirt protesters are outraged, by the censorship out of the death of protesters.

“The government started killing protesters a few weeks before the final crackdown and there were no pillaging then and in fact some protesters were raped by the military but after the massive killings in the last few days of the crackdown, the level of anger just built up to the level that saw pillaging,” said Somsak, on his Facebook page.

“To not connect the dot of what happened to show the real history like that is unfair. I am very disappointed by the education department to be planting this propaganda on the young,” said Ning, another Red Shirt on her Facebook.

The history book, said the crackdown was necessary because the protesters were hurting the rights of other law abiding Thai citizens and praised Abhisit, Thailand’s prime minister for restoring law and order and for his new policy to take care of the poor Thais.

The following:

A page from the Thai history book

Being used in Thailand to teach students about the recent Thai civil war