Journalism: Tokyo Rose (Bangkok Post) is outraged against War Crimes inquiry into Emperor Abhisit

Bangkok Post is nothing much more than the Tokyo Rose for Emperor Abhisit

By Tammy, Thai Intel humanity journalist

My, my, my, my Tokyo Rose (Bangkok Post) has blown its cool.

If you can remember back “Tokyo Rose” is the Japanese radio public relations program during WW2 that broadcasted beautiful American music mixed in with taunting propaganda to the GIs in the Pacific.Told to turn it off, many GIs said “No, the music is better than ours.”

Well, in Thailand there has been a “Tokyo Rose” for a long time now, and that is the Bangkok Post, known around Thailand as the voice of the Emperor Abhisit.

The languages Tokyo Rose (Bangkok Post) is using in its latest article on War Crimes charges against Abhisit is just so amusing. Like, “Shocking misuse of justice”, “The tasteless lawyer” and all the way to, “If Taksin has a thread of decency.”

What is funny off course, is that Tokyo Rose, found that the Thai Constitutional Court video clips-not shocking, massive corruption with the current government-not shocking, massive cronyism with the current government-not shocking-and most of all, the death of about 100 protesters-not shocking.

In fact, the Tokyo Rose, was complaining so much about shopping malls where the protesters were protesting being closed-it may have intentionally forgot that by complaining so much about the shopping malls, never looking at why the protesters were protesting, and the complaining about the soured economy overall:

All of that is just like asking for Emporor Abhisit to dislodge the protesters.

Then with Tokyo Rose total blind eye to all the “Shocking” negative events of the current government, and on top of that, a skirting on an open calling for the government to dislodge protesters-what does Tokyo Rose do?

Well “Cover Up” off course-like painting the opposition to its Emperor Abhisit with big propaganda on protesters being terrorist, some flim flam story about the protesters are not being non-violent and deserve the violent dislodging, without mentioning that the armed protesters are just an insignificant spec in numbers and force against the might of the Thai military-and a whole slew of cutting edge propaganda.

All that work the Tokyo Rose did to protect the Emperor, but to see some UK newspaper and wire service running the “War Crime” reports against Emperor Abhisit-must have been a hard one to swallow.

Now lets see Tokyo Rose-the Emperor and his gang calls the protesters the enemy of Thailand that must be gotten rid off-like “Yes” check the facts, the Emperor Abhisit and his gang have been saying that for like a year now.

“Enemy of Thailand that must be gotten rid off.”

Thai Intel does now know about the International Court of Justice, but clearly-any idiot can see that no one, like absolutely no one, can go around saying massive numbers of its own countrymen are enemy of the country that must be gotten rid off.

But is Tokyo Rose outraged against those words?

Well guess what, Tokyo Rose is “not” outraged and not even outrages at the slaughtering of protesters at Wat Patum Vanaram-where the War Crimes is about.

Like a second here-is that where the whole of Thailand knows innocent protesters who are un-armed went to seek refuge in the last day of that series of brief Thai civil war?

But instead got killed in cold blooded?

Roberet Amsterdam, called tasteless by Tokyo Rose-actually did a detailed interview of those who survived the Wat Patum Vanaram killings-and that is the basis of the War Crime charges.

Yes, the interview must have been “Tasteless” if one discounts out all the taste of blood spilled there. And as far as Tokyo Rose is concerned, it may be full of “the royalist elite rule of Thailand “Taste” but clearly-it is the taste of protesters blood on its hand.

Like if Tokyo Rose is reading this, does the words “Enemy of Thailand to be gotten rid off” ring a bell why the International Court might be interested in the Emperor War Crimes?

Does the Nazi and Khmer Rough ring a bell? Both also said very much the same thing.

From the Jews are the enemy of Germany to be gotten rid off, to the educated Khmer are the enemy of Cambodia than needs getting rid off-to now Thailand’s the Red Shirts protesters are the enemy of Thailand that must be gotten rid off.

What the Tokyo Rose calls “tasteless” Robert Amsterdam and the “no thread of decency” Taksin is trying to do, is stop the likes of Tokyo Rose, from setting up concentration camps.

The following is from the Bangkok Post:

Debasing a world court


* Published: 1/11/2010 at 12:00 AM

* Newspaper section: News

Last week’s announcement that the red shirts and ex-prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra hope to indict Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva for crimes against humanity in the International Criminal Court is a shocking misuse of the justice system. Thaksin’s dependably tasteless US lawyer Robert Amsterdam did the paperwork and public revelation. In short, he has filed a request on behalf of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship to the ICC to indict Mr Abhisit. The charges would relate to the 91 deaths during the UDD-supported protests and violence last April and May. Right-thinking people will denounce this blot on justice and Thaksin, in particular, should order an immediate halt.

There is a long road between Mr Amsterdam’s request to the ICC and the start of a real case against Mr Abhisit. It is odds-on that the court will turn down Mr Amsterdam’s filing, a 61-page document which he has already promised to supplement in detail. But the “preliminary report” exposes a major flaw in the whole setup of the ICC. By its own rules, the court is obliged to take the document seriously. Senior officials at the court must consider even this wild allegation by an uninvolved, third party who was on the other side of the world when the UDD rallies took place.

And the request to indict the sitting prime minister on the grave charge of crimes against humanity illustrates well the strong reservations successive governments have had against the ICC. Thailand is one of 114 other countries which signed the Rome Statute creating the ICC in 2002, but never has ratified the treaty. Thai experts have long feared political enmity would misuse this noble attempt to set up a true world court. Many other countries agree, including the United States, Russia, Iran, the Philippines and China. The ICC should, but so far has not, considered changing its rules for accepting cases.

The experts were right. There have been numerous attempts to indict sitting and recent heads of government. Less than a month ago, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia called off a state visit to the Netherlands when a group in Holland called for his arrest.

It is a lamentably short trip from the outstanding, positive aim of the founders of the ICC to Mr Amsterdam’s odious attempt to indict Mr Abhisit on the most serious charge possible against a head of government. The purpose of the ICC is to credibly bring to account the most reprehensible dictators. Intervention would take place only when a nation became so broken, its leaders so tyrannical, that only a world court could save the country. The current model of such an autocrat is Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir, who tried to commit genocide in Darfur. So serious is his crime that Thai peacekeeping forces are on their way to help his embattled people.

Thaksin’s lawyer is now trying to put Mr Abhisit at the level of Sudan’s despot. For sure, there is healthy disagreement over the clashes in April and May. There are strong feelings about Mr Abhisit’s order to the army to end the rallies on May 19. But there is no national breakdown of law or of order. Mr Abhisit will be accountable to the nation next year, at a general election.

If Thaksin has a shred of decency, he will order his lawyer to stop this farce. Decent members of the UDD should protest Mr Amsterdam’s use of the group’s name in such a harmful way to the country’s name and reputation. This is an abuse of the justice systems of both Thailand and the international community.