Red Shirts Focus: The Moon’s Slap & The Global Red Shirt Slack-Off

A global Red Shirt organization in a protest-but should they unite?

By Frank, Thai Intel’s political journalist

The United Nations General Secretary, Moon, just slapped the Thai Red Shirt in the face-saying the military slaughtering of about 100 Red Shirts protesters is a Thai “Internal Political” situation-that the UN would not get involved with.

Apart from countless, cutting edge reports at the global level, of how Moon is an utter failure at being the United Nations General Secretary-Thai Intel urges the Thai Red Shirt movement to understand Thailand‘s long track record of “Survival Diplomacy.”

About a week before Moon visited Thailand, Thai Intel reported on Moon’s visit to Morocco to give a speech on “Transparency” that included issues on “Migration and Refugee” transparency. Thai Intel also reported on the global concern that ASEAN is drifting towards being close to the Burmese junta-and actually Thai Intel mentioned Abhisit US$10s of billions plan to jointly develop a port area with Burma.

“Trouble Looms for Moon Thai Visit,” was the headline Thai Intel used.

That Moon’s Moroccan visit, clearly showed that Moon’s mind is on the Burma situation. However, a few days before the Moon Bangkok visit, Thailand made statements that it would use leniency on the Burmese refugees in Thailand. All that was left for Moon, is the talk, which remain secret, between Moon and Abhisit on Thailand’s and ASEAN position on Burma’s election.

Those cards in Abhisit’s hand, obviously meant Moon’s slapping of the Red Shirt face-by saying that the slaughtering of Red Shirts is a “Political” issue that is “Internal” of Thailand.

In summary, clearly, Abhisit sees the Red Shirt situation with the UN, as much more critical that the Thai/Burma situation-and was prepared to do anything-to appease the UN-and counter the Red Shirt. Clearly, the Red Shirt was out play, out diplomatic, and out gunned.

How can such a problem be negated and not repeated?

Thai Intel’s editor, Terry, is the guy who got the global Red Shirt going-as a single unit. But it got no-where much. And in fact, Thai Intel have made previous calls before, for the global Red Shirt movement-to form a strong single body governing unit-and “Elect” a “Global Red Shirt” spokesman or representative.

The United Nations General Secretary, Moon, slapping the Red Shirt face situation-demonstrates why this is needed.

The person, who should have handed Moon he letter for the Red Shirt on the slaugthering, should not have been Chartuporn, but the leader of the Global Red Shirts movement.

Arguably, this Red Shirt global leader, will have the understanding of diplomacy and international relations-that is clearly needed in dealing with such body as the United Nations-meaning, that individual, would probably understand the situation and be better prepared to deal and respond to such body as the UN.

With such a person, in place, the voice heard, will be on the global level representing the globe.

Thai Intel wishes to stress again, the need of a global level Red Shirt leader-to deal and coordinate with other global level units. This type of situation should not be tolerated. The interest of massive numbers of Thai people-should not be allowed to be traded away-by the royalist elite rule of Thailand.