Journalism: Bangkok Post’s Vassana new book nothing but “A Clever Propaganda” for the military

Vassana says the protesters were armed and dangerous-forgetting that about 100 protesters were killed and 1-2 soldiers only

  • By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

A new book is out by Vassana of the Bangkok Post. As always it if filled with details that pretty much proves what she is telling is the truth-like inside stuff.

No, she is not a whistle blower however-because she has been doing this for a long time now. What she promotes as inside stuff, is nothing but sanctioned inside stuff-meant to come out. But this time Vassana is not tackling some small fish-she is writing about the events during the crack-down.

And so after a nasty military crack-down on the Thai protesters that killed about 100 protesters and injured about 2,000-what could be better than to have a journalist writing a book “That dissolves all the fault away from the military.”

The crucial point however, is how to appear to be “In the Know” so as to be credible? Thus comes Vasana, a Bangkok Post‘s national security journalist-that fits the bill perfectly.

Packed with detail inside information, she takes the readers on a long journey-of credibility building to stories, in a clever brainwashing of the readers to her totally “royalism elite rule of Thailand” views.

All the details, twist and turns-are meant to get the following messages across:

  • First, the Red Shirts have their Black Shirts-so what can the military do?
  • Second, the military was ordered by the invisible hand to shoot the protesters.
  • Third, both Taksin and Invisible hand used people’s lives as pawn in a power game.
  • Fourth, Taksin and the Red Shirt, will never come back to power.
  • Fifth, it is time to play the Thai political game in the system.

So what is new in Vassana’s book, like really? Have we not heard all that bunch of crap before? So what if that fundamental is wrapped in great details? So what?

If Thai Intel is to write a book, on the crack down, it would have the following facts and fundamentals:

  • First, the Red Shirts are protesting for democracy and freedom, not Taksin’s return-so it is a legitimate protest.
  • Second, the Red Shirt’s Black Shirts if it is in fact that-are a fraction in numbers and weapons compared to the military, and are there for defensive purposes-against a Thai military with a track record of slaughtering people.
  • Third, no matter who gave the order to shoot the protesters, it does not dissolve the responsibility of the Thai military.
  • Fourth, who gives a fuck if Taksin or Red Shirts comes back to power, what is at stake is democracy and freedom.
  • Fifth, the Thai fucking political system does not exists for the politicians to “Play the Game” inside it-because it is not democratic or fair.

Thai Intels’ advice to Vassana is-get boosting injections for Intelligence, Morality, Creativity and Emotional Maturity. Then after all of those boosters-perhaps Vassana-will be capable to understand why she is such a darling of the Thai military-to be accorded with so many inside information.

Is Vassana a clever propagandist?

Or is Thai Intel a cleaver propagandist?

Our readers be the judge, the differences is off course, Vassana is getting rich and Thai Intel may be heading to prison.

(Thai Intel’s advice to our readers is buy your chick the following bra and forget spending on Vassana’s crap)

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