Thai Culture: Latest Thai Justice and Corruption Jokes

by Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

Why are Thai military generals so rich, is it about corruption?

It is not corruption, but very hard work and long hours at slaughtering the Thai people.

Looks like the lobbying that is going on at the Thai constitutional court proves that their is a double standard in Thailand, right?

Actually, it proves why the royalist elite rule of Thailand can speak with so much confidence that the “Good royalist can do no wrong.”

It seems odd that the constitutional court and the government have told the police to go after those who showed the secret lobbying tape?

Why is it odd, when the Constitutional Court and the government are working together, like the lobbying tape says.

The government is infested with 10s of cases of corruption, but why has the Thai prime minister said, “Just watch the ending?”

Because it is a happy ending for those that corrupted away hugh pile of tax money.

A survey of Thai business people says today “Policy Corruption” is rampant, what is going on?

There is no “Policy Corruption in Thailand, because the “Policy” is to corrupt as much as possible while in power.

One after another case of corruption and mismanagement in the military after another for a long time now, what is the progress in the investigations?

The investigations of the money trail lead to influential golf courses, resorts illegal sit in the mountains and big houses encroaching lakes, so the military decided to play golf, go swimming and fishing instead.

Why does the new Thai army chief hates the Red Shirt so much, like saying the sight of anyone wearing red sickens him?

Because absolute power corrupts absolutely and the Red Shirt is the only thing standing in his way of controlling Thailand absolutely.

The Thai press treats any corruption during Taksin time as major news, but corruption with the current government, as nothing new, why is that?

It is Taksin fault for not buying up all the press like the current government.

Many academics now say, after looking at the court proceeding in the corruption case against Taksin, that if the courts were just, Taksin would not have been found guilty of corruption, is that for real?

Yes, many Thai academics these days believes that is the case, because the money buying up academics to make hate Taksin statements are not there anymore.

The DSI or Thai FBI is a joke or what for coming out with the most stupid witness that would not stand a chance of getting any credibility in any courts?

When it comes to the Red Shirt, and the opposition party, the Thai FBI can be openly paying its witness millions of baht for their testimonies and the Thai courts will still find them credible, especially if the Thai FBI slips some of that money to the courts.

Why is corruption such a major bad problem in Thailand?

Because the Thais are so special and unique and they want to keep old values going-and corruption has been around for centuries and is considered a virtuous custom that keeps the patronage system going.

The Thai prime minister was caught taking gifts that were valued above the law allowed many times but the anti-corruption unit said it was OK because when he was caught, he returned the gifts-is that a joke?

The anti-corruption body said no harm was done and so it was OK.

The Thai courts are going after the Red Shirt for every little thing but when a Yellow Shirt ran his car over a police intentionally, the court let him go saying he was in a condition of anger-is that a joke?

The joke is the police that was ran over spent 4 months in the hospital and was told to keep quiet on the case and a promotion was waiting.