Journalism: Southeast Asia bombs in 2010 World Press Freedom Index

unfortunately for unreal Thailand, because reality leads to real solutions and progress

Blog Note: Asian communist state ranked overall very badly on Reporters Without Border’s World Press Freedom Index-it must be embarrassing for all the Socialist and Communist fighting for freedom of expression in places like Thailand. Thailand, it self, tanked to the very bottom of the list, now ranked among the worse globally. Thailand. prime minister Abhisit says freedom of expression must be balanced out with other concerns. Those concerns are off course to not be criticized and to use censorship to stay in power.
October 19th, 2010
by The Lost Boy

Global media watchdog Reporters Without Borders issued its World Press Freedom Index Wednesday. Asia’s four communist regimes — North Korea (177th place), China (171st), Vietnam (165th) and Laos (168th) — all did poorly once more.

Timor-Leste is down this year to 93rd spot. That is certainly not a good sign for a small country with such a young media. Agio et al should have a think about that.

Unsurprisingly, India and Thailand’s rankings dropped due to outbreaks of violence. Thailand is way down the list at 153rd, while India comes in at 122nd.

“Also in Southeast Asia, Indonesia (117th) cannot seem to pass under the symbolic bar separating the top 100 countries from the rest, despite remarkable media growth,” said the Paris-based group.

Malaysia (141st) and Singapore (136th) also slid down the list. And then there’s Burma at a lowly 174th.

All in all, Southeast Asia hasn’t done very well. I’m not really a fan of these rankings that come out every few weeks, but press freedom is clearly an issue that needs attention in a lot of Southeast Asian countries.