Human Rights: Twittering Thai soldier, made famous by newspaper, sent from strategy to teaching post

Killed by his military peers, Sah Daeng (above) started out with spraking his mind

  • By Tammy, Thai Intel’s humanity journalist

A Thai soldier who likes to twitter, Army Colonel Teeranan, deputy director of the Strategic Studies and Research Division, was just sent a teaching post after a local newspaper made him famous.

Teeranan was sent to head the political desk at a Thai military think tank school that teaches national security to senior Thais in society.

The Twittering soldier was made famous a few days ago by a local Thai  newspaper, the Nation, in an article headlined “Soldier who tells it as he sees it.”

He just Twittered about an hour ago that he got the transfer orders and is clearing out his desk.

In the article, the twittering soldier said the commanders of the Thai military must take responsibility of the death in the crackdown of the Red Shirt (see article in Thai Intel’s earlier report).

He also said he prefer to see the Thai military become a professional force involved with defending Thailand from external threats that with limited political involvement.

The article proved to be a hit with Democratic media outlets. Prachathai, a blog that is blocked in Thailand, for example re-ran the article, along with Red Shirts Illinois that also re-ran the article.

Thai Intel also re-ran the article.

(actually, a teaching post can have its benefits)