Globalization: Italian ‘Mafia Boss’ Linked to Albanian Gambling Dens and Thai Arrest

Blog Note: The business of organized crime is getting very complex, involving multiple countries, multiple networks, and multiple tactics. The old saying comes into mind here: “The more legal loops are plugged, the more legal loops appear.” The following report by Balkan Insight, is highly interesting in that the network-is highly complex-and it is just for businesses that are nothing much.

The following is from the Balkan Insight:

Albino Prudentino, one of the alleged leaders of the Italian mafia who is being held by police in Albania, is linked to several gambling enterprises in the country, Balkan Insight has found.

Prudentino was detained early on Wednesday in Vlora by Albanian and Italian police in a joint operation mounted by the Albania General Prosecutor’s office and Italian anti-mafia prosecutors in the city of Lecce.

Albanian business records seen by Balkan Insight on Thursday list him as operating a pizzeria in Vlora and show he was planning to open a slot-machine room.

They also list his son Angelo as being a stakeholder in three gambling companies; Bet Plus, Betting Systems Albania and Casino Italia, headquartered in Tirana and Vlora.

Italian police officials have said they suspect Prudentino of running a racket in order to supply local gambling parlours in the area of Brindisi in southern Italy, as a way for laundering money from illegal sources.

Prudentino is considered to be one of the heads of the Italian crime syndicate the Sacra Corona Unita, according to Albanian police.

An international warrant was issued for his arrest on September 20 by the main court of the Italian city of Lecce, charging him with “mafia criminal association, drug trafficking and robbery”.

His detention was part of an international anti-mafia operation codenamed “Calipso,” which led to the arrest of seven other suspects in Italy and one in Thailand.

Two other suspects are also being sought.